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Rescent stash additions all 1/72

May 6, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 13 · 1.6K

I picked these up at that Long Island model show. I didn't plan on buying that many but, I was inspired by recent builds that appeared on iModeler. so that's my justification and I'm sticking with it.
1.Monogram F8F Bearcat [got vf-31 decals] ,2. Supermodel Macchi C.202 ,3. ESCI A-4 Skyhawk, 4. Revell F-4 Phantom [reboxed monogram].couldn't pass on it,

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  1. Guess we'll have to take your word for it on the Bearcat. 🙂

  2. Oops, forgot 2nd photo

  3. Robert, score! I've never seen the Revell F4J built. The Bearcat is a classic. It was out again recently. The Macchi has them "pressure sensative" decals?
    The A4, don't know that I've seen one of them, either.

    • The F-4 is the reboxed monogram, the Maachi has the pressure sensitive's, don't know if their still good

      • I was thinking that the F4 was their really old boxing, which they "updated' several times over the years. I had one that was supposedly an F4K. That was all there was until the Matchbox. I remember Monograms, they had an F4C, but I dunno about others. Pretty good kit, my son had one.
        I don't think them pressure sensitive decals worked when they were new, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I've got a set that is probably as old, if you need them, give a yell..

  4. One never needs to apologize for adding to the stash - if a woman's prerogative is to change her mind, a man's is to add to his stash!
    And THAT's my story (by the way, the wife just asked me yesterday how many unbuilt models I had in my stash, and gave me that look...I didn't even lie when I replied! She does love me...)

    • Absolutely right, Greg. No apologies needed for adding to a stash! @gkittinger

      Great finds, Robert. @roofrat I've seen a lot of models since I started assembling & collecting kits for my stash, but I've never heard of pressure-sensitive (self-sticking) decals.

      I do remember stamps that were the self-stick type here in the US, but they didn't last long and the industry must've not used them for long. Never heard of "sticky" decals

      It's a great day to learn something new!.

      You learn something new every day. Or, as I like to quote my favourite science fiction character, Lazarus Long (Woodrow Wilson Smith, if you prefer): "You live & learn or you don't live long!"

  5. Naw, just get the raincoat with the real BIG pockets. Or a 1/32 scale empty box, which you can then use as a Trojan horse for 72nd. A poncho(looks like a tent) also has possibilities, being loose and voluminous. Explain that you TRADED for the one you have in your hands. They took you for several that you had.

    I was gonna ask how many shoes she had, but that might backfire.

    Don't forget the all purpose "At least I'm not out frequentlng saloons and pool halls, or at the track." Use sparingly.

  6. Hope you enjoy them, Robert!

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