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Tyrrell P34 1976, Jody Scheckter.

May 24, 2016 · in Automotive · · 26 · 1.8K

My second , I modified the small cockpit windows and a few other small things, finished in Tamiya X4 and MM enamels with Future over the decals. Jody Scheckter joined Tyrrell in 1974 and retired at the end of 1980, his world championship standings were 3rd in 1974, 7th in 1975, 3rd in 1976, with tyrrell, 2nd in 1977 and 7th in 1978, with Wolf, World Champion in 1979 with Ferrari.

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  1. Allen, more enjoyable looking work from you (as always !), on one of stranger looking racing idea's. Your finish work is excellent as usual. Very realistic. Nice modeling !

  2. Another blast (and name) from the past...nice build, Allan - you do good work.

  3. Allan I always marvelled at these 6 wheel F-1 racing machines. Surely it was a measure to ensure better handling and control going into corners? As a South African, I hold Jody in high regard. A very modest man in person and very kind hearted. His brother Ian also raced. A little known fact is that Jody raced F 1 cars for two seasons without holding a drivers license in South Africa.

    • Hey Morne. The reasoning of the suspension is more like this: little wheels enable better aerodynamics but lead to a smaller contact patch between tire and road limiting the force transmission. Four wheels compensate the effect, so in theory you end up with less aerodynamic resistance, higher downforce and still sufficient friction force transmission.

      The downside is the higher weight and effort to steer four wheels. At the end of the day the concept didn't succeed. It might have played a role that obviously advances in tire development during the season supported the majority of big wheel users.

    • Hi Morne, do you mean a road license? I must research the wheel story further.

  4. Great work Allan - excellent choice of subject too - thanks

  5. Another good looking model from you, it's great to see classic F1 cars. Williams also tried the six wheel idea, only they had four rear wheels... Jody Scheckter is now an organic farmer in southern England. He was also the last Ferrari F1 world champion for a long, long time until Michael Schumacer appeared on the scene.

  6. Nice looking model. The 6-wheel concept makes for an interesting subject - and thanks Halvar for the insight.

  7. Nice build Allan of a car of it`s kind.

  8. Another beauty, well done.

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work Allan, always did see the six wheel concept quite interesting.
    Thanks for sharing the images.

  10. Really nice, Allan. I enjoy the 1/20 collection of F1 cars and have several in the stash. Don't have a six wheeler though.

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