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Airfix Vanguard 1/144

June 2, 2016 · in Aviation · 15 · 2.8K

Hi everybody

I'm bran-new to the site and I like

very much the things that I see here

as well as the different "philosophy" of this forum

more easy and opened to all.So thanks for your welcome...

This little Vanguard has been painted in enamels

using a set of Bea dedicated colors from Extra colors (the wings red and the belly grey)

and decals by Two-Six.Using the airfix clear parts was clearly a mistake (clear plastic+cyanide glue = FREEZE !).

I was inspired by a beautifull model posted on britmodeller recently that had a very nice

"grey-blueish" fuselage (instead of white) even if my own Vanguard is no match for that

eyecandy-awardwinning-model it's still from the Masters that we get our inspiration.

I also built the Airfix Trident for an old friend retired from Bea/British Airways and who had passed qualifications for these machines.The Trident, it seems

has made a great impression on all the staff categories who worked on it .

Cheers and happy modelling to all

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  1. Nicely presented, Kloster.

  2. Great job, love the tarmac scene.

  3. Airline models are always pleasant to see. Welcome aboard as well (no pun intended) you've stated, a user-friendly modeling site - nice folks here.

  4. thank you Robert and Craig

  5. Good looking model, and welcome to the site! Would love to see a few more pics next time - always nice to see some "full views" along with some close-ups and details.

  6. Hi Greg

    thanks for your remarks. As you have certainly noticed

    some models are " Hd resistant" and can withstand some very high levels of hd close ups at high resolutions, they still look good !

    On the other hand some models need to keep a more " appropiate"

    distance towards hd cameras and lenses that would otherwise reveal

    their age and all the surgery they've gone through...just like old actress'

    my Vanguard is in that category. lol

    and by the way Greg I like that 1/72 Israeli Fouga very much !

  7. Good stuff ! I've had good luck with 1/144 builds.

  8. nice work and presentation

  9. kloster, welcome!
    Real pretty airliner! Like the diorama, as well.

  10. Thank you guys I appreciate your comments

  11. Welcome Kloster, looks good.

  12. Very nice presentation of this model, the BEA markings definitely set the period for the Vanguard.

  13. Lovely job, I can just about remember building one of these when they first came out a couple of years ago (well alright many couple of years ago!)

  14. Hello, my first post!...I am a retired model maker who has recently returned to my younger days by building a couple of Airfix classics. The 1/144 HS Trident and 1/144 Vickers Viscount...Side by side, it is clear that these two models are not the same scale. In reality, the Trident is 5 metres longer than the Vanguard. Side by side, the Vanguard model is much longer than the Trident...the Airfix Trident is more like, 1/ careful when buying 1/144 decals for the Trident, they may not fit...thoughts please.

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