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Grumman F 14A Tomcat, 3-863, Imperial Iranian Air Force 1977.

1/72 Fujimi, finished in MM and Revell enamels with Future over the kit decals, unknown top coat !

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22 responses to Grumman F 14A Tomcat, 3-863, Imperial Iranian Air Force 1977.

  1. Well known subject, interesting scheme, and even in 1/72 still a large model.

  2. that’s a pretty airplane, and a nicely finished model – great work!

  3. Impressive build in any scale, but how on earth did you manage those perfectly painted ejection handles freehand?

  4. Ah – so you DO tackle subject other than RAAF!

    Very nice Tomcat. I’ve always liked the Iranian color scheme, but it just never seemed proper on an air superiority aircraft – especially the Tomcat – and although I have a couple of F-14s, just can’t bring myself to do it! Now, if only they had purchased a few F-15E’s…

    The Tomcat I’ve already finished (posted on iM) was the Fujimi offering. How did you find the build? It seemed to me that the fuselage sections were cut up very weirdly, and didn’t make for a very solid structure. In the end it build up really nice – as yours attests to!

  5. Good looking build.

  6. Nice Tomcat, I didn’t realise they had sold some to Iran. I’m sure there’s a story behind that!

  7. Nice job with the masking and the cammo, when will come the turn of my Cat, i will consider IIAF aircraft.

  8. The Fujimi kit actually goes together quite well. Having built a couple of them. And you did a great job on yours on an airframe you don’t see too often in IIAF colors. It builds easier then the Hasegawa kit. Though most of the Tomcats have been dismantled for the very reason to prevent spare parts to filter to the IIAF. Not all. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Certainly an interesting story and colour scheme for the Tomcat, very neat work as usual.

  10. Hi my friend
    Its very nice and I would like to have one like this,how can I get it?

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