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Heller Somua S35

July 30, 2016 · in Armor · · 19 · 2.6K

I picked this kit up about a year ago at a model contest. It included a resin turret, storage boxes and some photo etch parts. All for the low price of $5! I used the resin turret and storage boxes. I only used to the photo etched belts on the boxes. This kit was also the first time I used Vallejo Aire paint. I liked the paint.

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  1. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention I used a little photography trick taught to me by my friend Dennis Meyers: a big sheet of poster paper curved to 90 degrees and natural light.

  2. I must say, the model AND the photos turned out great. Five bucks well spent. 🙂

  3. Scott, great score and model!

  4. Great result, Scott!

  5. That was $5 well spent. Good job Scott, too bad the French couldn't figure out how to effectively deploy them.

  6. As Bill Murray said in Stripes "That's my philosophy. A hundred-dollar
    shine on a three-dollar pair of boots." Nice job. I really like the graduated weathering treatment.

  7. Looks very nice. Unusual looking tank.

    • Thanks Greg! For a long time I couldn't decide if the S 35 was interesting or boring as a model project. I was glad to find this bargain to find out instead of spending ten times as much for the Tamiya kit.

  8. Scott, after the defeat of France, the Wehrmacht sold or gave these to their allies, and used them for second line duties, like anti partisan and internal policing duties.
    It's a quirky looking tank, and the only one in this scale, isn't it?

  9. Great little build, the weathering on the sides is fantastic. Cheers for the photography tip as well!

  10. Scott, really nice ! I'd like to see it on a diorama !. I was wondering what scale it is. I didn't see it mentioned.

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