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While I mostly model WW II aircraft, I will make any model that strikes my fancy.

Rivet City (Monogram) HU-16B

One to add to my archive. I made this one some years ago. Festooned with rivets, I did my best to get a good fit between parts so I could avoid sanding them away. Tamiya spray can silver and Testors paints finished the job.

Academy F4U-1

I picked up this kit (which included the Fairey FD-2 kit from FROG) at a recent contest for a very reasonable price from a friend running a vendor table. It seems Academy kits can be “hit or miss” in quality. I think this one is good. [...]

Fairey FD2 from FROG

This is ancient Frog 1/72 Fairey FD 2. I believe this pop of the kit is older than me! And I’m old! A friend running a vendor table at a local contest added this in for free to the Academy Corsair I was buying from him. A very simple [...]

An Old Basset

I don’t know what possessed me (okay, it was probably the cool box art) but I saw this in the local hobby shop and had to take it home. First issued in 1968 it shows its age with a very simplified cockpit (although I’m sure the real [...]

Box Scale XB-70

I’ve done a few “nostalgia builds” this year and interestingly (to me anyway) most of them were kits that I wish I had made as a kid but I didn’t. This Lindberg box scale XB-70 sort of falls in that category. I wanted a companion [...]

1/48 Tamiya M-8

This will be the companion for the jeep I recently posted. I’ve debated about adding more storage and weathering but decided to wait until I create the actual diorama I have planned. Until the figures get painted, the M-8 is done so here [...]

1/48 Tamiya Jeep

Another 1/48 gem from Tamiya.

Spitfirepalooza Meets Ancient Hawk Kit

Here’s the other half (I posted the Bf- 109 earlier) of the duo kit from Round 2 ne Lindbergh ne Hawk Models repop of the Spitfire Mk. 22. Lots of rivets, no landing gear or cockpit detail and lots of memories of my uncle and I making [...]

Curtis Hawk 81

A nice little Flying Tiger from Airfix. The soft plastic made the removal of the small bits from the tree a bit tricky. But with extra care I had no mishaps. On the other hand, as careful as I tried to be, I still ended up breaking off two [...]

A Modern 109

A couple articles ago I posted about my Airfix Bf-109 G6. In it I mentioned I had planned on doing a side by side build with the Tamiya version but, due to operator error, I messed up the paint job on the Tamiya kit. I did complete the [...]