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While I mostly model WW II aircraft, I will make any model that strikes my fancy.

USS Sturgeon by Mikro Mir

Here’s my second 1/350 scale sub from Mikro Mir. This time it’s USS Sturgeon. I attempted to model it as it looked (according to the instructions) on launching. However, the decal for the bunting, as nice as it looked, turned out to be [...]

USS Ethan Allen

Before seeing Dan Lee’s build of the USS Thresher, I had not heard of MicroMir models. I’ve always had a fondness for modern subs (especially when needing a simple modeling recharge) and Dan’s excellent job compelled me to order a [...]

Desert Shark

Here’s my Academy P-40 in 1/72 scale. It’s pretty typical of most Academy models I’ve done. Details in the cockpit are sparse but, a closed canopy and careful painting gives the impression more is there. Parts fit is very good and [...]

Wing Folded Wildcat

Here’s my 1/72 Airfix Wildcat. The problems were probably all self-induced but this one fought me all the way. I found the landing gear particularly difficult and never did get them to fit perfectly. Additionally, it was a good thing I [...]

The Post-War Hawker Tempest V

The Tempest V stands as a marvelous example of Hawker Aviation design. Renowned for its exceptional speed, agility and firepower, the Napier Sabre engine gave the Tempest V remarkable performance at low and medium altitudes. This is the [...]

Fairlady “Z”

The Nissan S30 Fairlady Z Aero Custom is a classic sports car known for its sleek design and aerodynamic features. With a distinctively curved body, it embodies a timeless combination of style and performance, making it a beloved choice [...]

Verlinden Sapper of the Guard

The Napoleonic Sappers of the Guard were elite military engineers who played a crucial role in Napoleon Bonaparte's army during the Napoleonic Wars. These skilled and specialized soldiers were part of the Imperial Guard, tasked with [...]


Poste Militaire 90 mm French Hussar of the 1st Regiment. More practice using the new photo box, this time with the white backdrop. Done in my usual method: oils over an acrylic undercoat, metallic enamels for the shiny bits. Homemade wall [...]

Kirin 1/16 Scale German Dragoon

I bought myself a Photo Booth with my Christmas gift cards this year and I decided to test it out on some of my old figures. In this case, my Leutnant Dragoner Regiment von Wedel-Pommersches figure from Kirin. The figure was painted with [...]

A Little Cappuccino

My first completed non-military car model in more than 25 years! I present the Aoshima 1/24 Suzuki Cappuccino. I picked this up at a local Japanese market that has begun carrying models (almost all Aoshima car and motorcycle kits) and Mr. [...]