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Westland UH 14A Lynx, Royal Netherlands Navy 1977.

, finished in mainly Humbrol and MM enamels with Tamiya X22+X21 over kit decals.

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  1. Up to your usual high standard of finish.

  2. Very nice build, Allan...I admire those modelers who can work with 72nd scale (too small for ME). 🙁

  3. Nice! I can see by the close-ups it would have been helped with some polishing of the windscreen sections, but it looks like the wipers could have been molded detail of the windscreen. That's one of the hassles of 72 scale!

  4. Allan, nice choice of markings, Dirk will be pleased. I've been away from 1/72nd, I didn't know that Revell had one. I like the navy version better.
    Good work on her.

  5. Hello Allan,
    Yes I am pleased to see a Dutch Navy helicopter.
    Nicely finished in the grey/sky paint scheme. Job well done.
    22 examples were received by the Navy. This type served the Navy well.
    In service 1979 / All now replaced by the NH 90.
    Three were lost. Two in a collision (with loss of lives) and one during start-up. It lost it's complete rotor head. (No injuries, cracks had developed).

  6. Hello Allan,

    Correct, 24. I counted after they were all "D"models.
    6 x A type Utility with winch (260/265)
    10 x B type with dipping sonar (266/272)
    8 x C type with a Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) (273/283)
    Transfer of the first one (260) was 15th november 1976. Followed by Joint training scheme with the Royal Navy, 700th SQ Fleet Air Arm.
    In a later stage, all were brought to the same "D type" standard.
    Out of service, last flight 12-09-2012, after 36 years of service.
    I forgot to mention that Lynx 277 stayed behind on the beach of Sirte (Libya). Date 28-02-2011. The crew was ordered to evacuate some dignitaries form the beach. Rebels prohibited take off. The crew was arrested and later returned home. The helicopter was operating from a Dutch Frigate. After one year the helicopter was shipped back to the Netherlands. It was scrapped from the records.

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