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Airfix H.P. Hampden 1/72

August 6, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.5K

When I was a kid in the early 1970's I loved the and built (at least) one very badly but loved it all the same, I decided for a bit of nostalgia to have another go and this time see if I could make a half descent job of it, you can decide if I did or not,these ancient kits would test the skills of the very best modellers so you can imagine how I struggled with my rudimentary abilities.

I decided to go with the version no self respecting lad born in 1966 would have ever done the Swedish option,it is a strange choice by Airfix as the Swedes only received one example for test purposes and presumably didn't go any further.I once questioned on this site if anyone knew why Airfix often included Swedish options but never really got to the bottom of it,anyhow I digress,back to the kit,it is the usual you would expect from an ancient Airfix offering ie a splattering of enormous rivets ,clumsy thick parts ,no interior and clear parts to test the patience of a saint but I loved every minute of it,I believe the Valom offering is much better if you want a nice Hampden in your collection.

Thanks for looking N

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  1. I used to build Airfix 1/72 planes when I was a kid in the fifties, but I don't think they did a Hampden at that time, and I'm equally sure I never built one. Obviously this isn't one of Airfix's latest offerings which seem to be of a very high standard, but, you obviously enjoyed it, which is what matters after all, and you seem to have made a more than decent job of it as well.

  2. Hi George, latest offerings? the moulding is probably as old as me -Seriously!,in fact I will be posting another old Airfix kit soon which is actually OLDER than me, I deserve a medal.N

  3. Neil - return of the wanderer!

    Nice work on the Hampden. Nothing like seeing an old kit resurrected to a good standard.

  4. Niel, look how long it took another company to do one! God bless Airfix! It is what you'd expect, from the early plastic age. Calls for application of modeling skills and perseverance. Ya done good! The marking are amazing, I don't remember that a-tall. I know I've a half finished
    one in the modeling midden, now I'm gonna check.
    Heller used to do a lot of Swedish planes, which I thought interesting. Exotic stuff, in those days.

    • Thanks for your comments,I always loved the Handley Page Hampden ,You may know that this was the aircraft Guy Gibson of Dambusters fame piloted before moving on to Lancasters.

  5. Looks good, Neil...and let me join the "welcome back" committee.

  6. Nice!
    Wish someone would crank out a kit in 1/48.

  7. Looks great, nice history on modeling and aviation.

  8. Nice job on an old old kit Neil.
    Got one in the stash, a kit I have never built before.

    • Hope you like cutting up millions of tiny bits of masking tape pal,to be honest you have to REALLY want to build one these,I read Moby Dick by Herman Melville once and it was good but I wouldn't read it again.

  9. looks real good brother

  10. Neil - I'm catching up with posts after being gone for a week on vacation, and enjoy your posts. I build only 1/72, and have tons of old Airfix kits (and builds) in my collection, including this Hampden! I actually love trying to make something nice out of old kits, and Airfix, though rudimentary, at least always seem to go together fairly well!

    • Hi Greg, thanks for looking ! the Hampden was always a favourite of mine ,it was the aircraft Guy Gibson of Dambusters fame first saw action in before moving on to Lancasters.

      Obviously we all enjoy building modern quality kits but there is something satisfying and also nostalgic about building the kits we built as kids but employing the skills and knowledge ,not to mention the modern aftermarket stuff that we now have and seeing if we can make a silk purse from a sows ear.

      If I were you I would go for the RAF version with the Popeye noseart as it just looks better but you will need to be prepared to spend a fair amount of time cutting up millions of tiny bits of masking tape whichever one you go for ,if you ever do !

      I've got a few other old Airfix kits in my gallery you may be interested in.

      Cheers N.

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