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F-8J Crusader

August 23, 2016 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.7K

Good afternoon from a cold and damp Middle Earth.
Well here t'is after eight months on-and-off the bench, my 1:48 Crusader. Now before I go-on, as I was editing the pics for size, I noticed that I've forgotten to add the IR Sensor on the front windscreen but I know where it is and I'll sort-it next time I'm in the 'cave' !

What can I tell you ?, well construction was no problem throughout although on this kit, some of the detail particularly around the dive-brake area was almost none-existant which I'm guessing points to over-use of the moulds.

Just want to publicly thank Frank Cronin for sending me the decals for this build without hesitation when I put out a cry-for-help here at iModeller... Cheers Frank, really appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, as ever happy to take any criticisms, comments or questions.



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  1. Beautiful work on that Crusader, Ian! Really like your painting and weathering, too. And you can't beat VF-211 for colorful markings. Well done all around. The F-8 is my favorite jet - I've built two of the Hasegawa F-8's and two of the Monogram kit

  2. Nicely finished, notch job indeed.

  3. Great gunfighter!

  4. Like nice bUILD!

  5. Now you have gone and done it...I have one in my stash...and yours is now I must get it out...Darn you 🙂 Nice job!

  6. Nice build on the last gunfighter. Really like the over all weathering, done very well indeed.

  7. Very nice Indeed Ian - love the weathering!

  8. Gorgeous Crusader! As others have already said, great job on the shading and weathering. Love it.

  9. Very nice build Ian.

  10. Wow, thank you folks. Really appreciate the positive comments.

    Got something much simpler on the bench to follow-on but it is another US Navy type and for a change it has yellow wings. More of that in a couple of weeks.

    AFN and thanks again everyone.


  11. Ian, Keora! What a beaut! It turned out great! What the guys said!
    Yellow wings, huh? Looking forward to it.

  12. Did you do the slats and flaps scratch or use a resin set? I've done both with this kit and it's not easy either way, so congratulations of a nice achievement that I know wasn't easy.

    • Tom
      They're all from the kit, and yes they were 'tricky', but a little work with a flexi-file on the edges (especially on the flaps) and it all worked-out.

  13. Great looking plane. I like the weathering and especially the stenciling work.

  14. Ian,

    This is well worth the wait to see and it is absolutely fantastic. I can't say enough to compliment you on what you have done here. Thank you for the kind mention it was my pleasure to be of assistance. I have a lot of decals I have garnered over the years and if there is ever something else you may need don't hesitate to let me know and I will see if I have it. Same goes for anyone else also.


    • Credit where it's due, Frank.
      And I may well take-you-up on the offer one day. Thanks for the kind words, have to say I enjoyed every minute of this one !

  15. Real nice Ian, F-8s are up there on my list of favorite airplanes, always nice to see a well built one.

  16. Excellent job.

  17. It's a lovely looking model, Ian, and it's great to know you've had assistance from another great iModeler!

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