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Focke Wulf 190 A8 at Gatow

September 20, 2016 · in Photo Collections · · 9 · 14.9K

On the 28th of August, at IPMS-Deutschlands modelling show, I had the privilege to be invited to a guided tour of the A8 that's being restored at Gatow air force museum in Berlin.

Stabsfeldwebel Enrico Schade, who leads the restauration works, was our guide. He told us about how museums and collectors trade and buy parts for aircraft between themselves. Not everybody in this game plays by the rules though, so he always had to be on his guard.

The engine of the plane was, if I understood everything correctly, an engine that had been used for testing purposes and not one that had been fitted to an airplane in combat service. It differed in some details from those that were used on the aircraft in service.

The original engine that they had, was not in a good enough condition to be restored and fitted to the airplane.

He also showed us the ring that held the two ton heavy engine to the aircraft. It's made of magnesium, weighs six kilograms and its dimensions were calculated using the tools of the time, slide rule and technical tables. Hat off for the engineers who did that.

Thank you Mr Schade, for the tour and to Jürgen Willisch who organized it.

Ulf Lundberg

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  1. Great information as well as excellent pics Ulf. Always impressed at how some restorations start with what looks like scrap and reproduce a masterpiece.

  2. Some great pics there for reference , especially the engine.
    Although the one through the hatch will be of interest to those building in a larger scale.

  3. Thanks for the mini tour, this restoration to be strictly a static display or will it be in flyable condition?

  4. Wow - lot of tender lovin' care for a static display!

  5. Just amazing, great pictures Ulf.

  6. What are the holes in the leading edge of the cowling ring? Didn't some Fw-190's have a oil cooling tank that was built into the leading edge for engine cooling?

  7. Ulf, thanks for taking and posting these photos, first rate! It looks like new. Like Stephen, I've never seen the holes on the cowling previously. Great work by the Stabsfeldwebel and his team. Looks like they've had the same issue with the hatches over the wing root guns some of us have had with the Eduard 48 FWs kits, now I feel better!

  8. Did you get to go in the basement? they have an amazing inventory!

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