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Model of a real car seen driving down Memory Lane

October 8, 2016 · in Automotive · · 9 · 1.3K

Here is my just finished last night 1/25 scale Revell 1969 SS, stock version.
The very fragile exterior rear view mirror disappeared today, I must have accidentally breathed nearby or something...

A car about 95% identical to this was what my future wife was driving one day in January 1978 when I first saw her. Being a 19 year old guy at the time, and even at fairly long range, my radar was very sensitive to blonde haired chicks, so I was distracted from my work surveying the gas station beside the grocery store where she was parking when I saw her. Turned out a friend of mine knew her, he was dating her sister, so he introduced me and the rest is history, we were married in 1982 and still are today.

Her Nova was a little darker shade of blue and wasn't a "SS" model but did have the same fancy wheels this kit does... but I wasn't looking at the wheels back in January of '78...

This is finished in Testors Icy Blue rattle can spray, and I included one image of it along with a truck of mine from "back in the goodle days"

I would love to be able to find and build a kit of a '67 Dodge Polara, my first car, but don't think anyone makes one. I paid $50 for it and it was a good car.

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  1. Good model and great story, cars often bring back fond memories.

  2. Cool Nova, and truck, congrats also.

  3. Great looking Nova Ralph. Fine looking women and cars! Can't get any better. There was a Nova club here in So Cal years ago. I remember seeing about thirty of these at a club meeting. They were sure having a great time. You did a fine job on the paint and grille.
    California Steve

  4. Gee that brings back lots of memories, nice looking Nova Ralph.

  5. Thanks everyone -
    Steve mentioned the grille - it comes all chrome, which was too much for me, so I took a fine point sharpie and blackened in the openings on it. Also the only other mods I made were painting in behind the turn signals and back-up light lenses, amber in front, red and white in rear, so they would have some color rather than just the clear lenses over chrome.

  6. What a fantastic model Ralph! I like Nova's too but we don't see too many of them Down Under!

  7. Nice work, Ralph...although it wasn't my 'first' car, I had a '69 Polara 440 - I liked it.

  8. Nice Nova! Funny how those 2-legged things will tend to distract from the 4-wheeled ones!

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Sharp looking Nova Ralph. Very good choice of blue, it really makes it stand out.

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