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Roden 1/72 Gotha G.V.

August 17, 2022 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.6K

This is my third build of the venerable . Released 20 years ago, it retains its charm in terms of the right scale for a build of the type and of course, the large surface areas covered by the colorful lozenge camouflage.

The engineering and molding quality are basic. I reinforced the wing parts joints with metal rods also to maintain the correct dihedral angle. Rigging is extensive, but I used copper wires that can be adjusted without drilling holes, using turnbuckles and stretching wires. While the lozenge camouflage adds much character to the model, it is not an easy process to apply. I had to purchase Techmod's decals because the supplied decals were brittle. Both options are suggestive because of the lack of data. The downside of using decals applied over most of the model's surface is the fiddly attachment of parts.

So, a challenging model it is.

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  1. Gorgeous build, Rafi, with outstanding results. Thanks for the tips about joining the wings and getting the Techmod decals. I doubt I'd fare so well with turnbuckles but would also be inclined to use fine wire or Slaters rod rather than rigging thread. Have you built three Gothas of this variant, or the three different Roden variants? If the latter, have you found any significant differences in the construction features of the kits? Congratulations for completing this challenging beauty!

  2. Congratulations Rafi! This is a truly wonderful build!
    Thanks for all details!

  3. Wow - very cool project! Turned out great.

  4. This is an excellent result, Rafi @blackmopane
    Especially the rigging on this build must have taken you a lot of time, it looks great.
    A huge aircraft for a bi-plane.

  5. Thank you John
    The stiff wire saves a lot of rigging time

  6. Superb. Stiff wires ? Not familiar with that but would like to know more.
    Thanks for sharing Rafi.

  7. Beautifully done!

  8. Very impressive, just what is the wingspan in 1/72 scale.

  9. Excellent work, Rafi!

  10. Looks great! Nice work on the rigging and lozenge camouflage!

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