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Arii Otaki 1/48 F6f-3 Hellcat

November 28, 2016 · in Aviation · · 34 Comments

one for my bucket list...always wanted to build one of these...Al cashew with a V

34 responses

  1. Looks really good, Bob... nice job, my friend. Otaki still sellin' kits (don't recall seein' 'em around much - 'course, I've never actually looked for 'em).

  2. Last time I saw one of their line of kits, Arii had the molds. Airfix released a couple under their label, too.
    Just a great kit, if you come across one.
    Great Hellcat!

  3. a decent kit- poor cockpit, but use a TD one for it if you want to dress up the "office". An engine front is a nice upgrade too. I have always thought they were first with a 1/48 hellcat and in my estimation, they got the "chin grin" right on the first try- despite all the arguments in recent years about the look of Hellcat kit cowls!
    Nice build and nice presentation Bob!

  4. yes of course there was the monogram with no wheel wells or pit excetra...the chin looks great...Eduard is the best imho...not my finest effort i see under the big digital microscope...better in person

  5. Looks good Bob, that old Otaki kit was pretty much state of the art when it was first released. The 1/48th Hasegawa builds up nicely too. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • oh yes...remember the master pieces Bob Steinbrunn made out of them...of course he spent 1,000 hours on them...something about the spine bothers me...the way it drops off...thank you

  6. Helluva Cat Bob. Like the deck set-up too. Fine Modeling.

  7. Nice looking cat Bob, not familiar with that kit but it appears to build up quite well. Working on a 1/48 Hasegawa -3 cat now. Hopefully i'll finish her shortly.

  8. Great looking Grumman!

  9. Fine job on the Cat !

  10. Man, Bob, that's a really nice Hellcat, and a great old classic. My only Hellcat is the ancient Monogram 1/48. I think it was the third or fourth 'plane I built back in the late '80s, after I "came back" to scale models.
    That bird of yours looks great on that deck, great paint job too. 🙂

  11. Great work on your Hellcat, Bob. As your build proves, with a little care the old Arii F6F can still be built into a fine model. I have an Arii Hellcat on my shelf right now.

  12. Great presentation, Bob.

  13. Lovely Hellcat, Bob ! And very well presented on that carrier deck.

  14. Lovely build Bob, like the add -ons IE the ground equipment.

  15. thank you Si...the equipment came from the accurate miniatures accessory set

  16. Very nice - and nice display (as others have mentioned). Love the Hellcat - want to do one with the grimacing face on it...

  17. Great looking Cat Did you make the deck it looks good


  18. Alex would approve. That kit is very under-rated, but with the TD cockpit and Falcon canopy, it's a winner, as you have demonstrated.

    If you're interested, there's a way to save models from the dust bunnies without breaking things off: get two empty spray bottles, Fill both with tap water. Pour some dish soap in one, don't shake it up. Spray with the soapy water to wash things off, then rinse with the other to get rid of soap residue. Allow to air dry. Model looks like it did the day it came off the work table. No antennas, pitot tubes or anything else missing.

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