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F-16C block 50 1:48 Tamiya + Aires, Eduard

November 20, 2016 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

This is model of from Red Flag 15-3 excercies that took part in July 2015, Nevada. Its normal base is Spandahlem in Germany.

F-16s from Spangdahlem are coated with special Have Glass paint having ability to distract radio waves. This coating has completely different characteristic than normal paints. Its rough in touch so it catches a lot of dirt, and degradates in time, and metallic grain it contains, causes very specific, metallic look in sunshine.

The main goal in this model was to reproduce Have Glass painting. I've started with metallic base, and then applaying thin layers of base colours mixed with metallic paint. At the phase just before varnishing it looked pretty good. Unfortunately effect was lost after applying clears, decals and weathering. But I'm pretty glad with te fnal outcome after all.

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12 responses

  1. My favorite jet, wow Adam. Great job

  2. Beautiful model! Gorgeous painting, toning. Very good engine nozzle.

  3. Very nice. The indoor shots do more justice to the paint scheme than the eight or ten over-bright outdoors photos.

    You've really caught the finishes just right, and the cans have plenty of punch, which is a key point when modelling modern jets.

    Some modellers simply flash-over a coat of Alclad and call it done, but in fact the metallics are usually quite subtle.

    Well done.

  4. What a cool project to depict the Have Glass painting. Very artistic in deed.

  5. Excellent job, Adam...turned out great (as did the photography) - nice work all around...and welcome to iModeler as well.

  6. If we can´t have rust we want dirt. And dirt we got. Very nice paint job.

  7. Thank You all for comments in my first submission.

  8. Fantastic piece of modelling! The photography is great as well, I love the contrast between the indoor and outdoor shots.

  9. Excellent build, the paint work including the weathering is outstanding !

  10. Just thought I'd pile on to all the comments - beautiful finish! All around excellent bit of modeling!

  11. Great looking Viper. Welcome.

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