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Live from Telford: New Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang – sprue preview

Another big news from Airfix at the Telford snow was the 1/48 scale P-51D Mustang. Do we need another Mustang kit in this scale you might ask? Well of course we do...! It looks impressive on the sprues and is apparently nearly production-ready. It also features seeminhly manh options - all types of drop tanks, underwing stores, separate fin fillet, separate parts for in-flight pose with closed landing gear. Two types of canopy are provided, with single hood part and windscreens moulded integrally with an adjacent fuselage panel for seamless assembly.

Like the ither new Airfix releases, the design of this kit was laser-scanned from a full-size original.

28 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses

  1. Is it too much to hope they will reprise their original 1/24 scale blue nose "This is it" on the colour/decal options ,if you read this Airfix pleeeze!

  2. I'm sure folks will be comparing this kit to the new release Meng kit. Which has been labeled the "Best" P-51 in 1/48 scale. Is the plastic canopy molded into the metal frame so that we have a one piece canopy? Instead of a two piece canopy with a separate clear plastic part that is glued to lower metal canopy frame? Two, the wind screen frame ...does it include some of the cowling like Meng's version? I don't see any clear trees or pieces on the sprue photos.

  3. Guess I'll have to add this one to the wish list as well.

  4. Separate fin fillet! I'll need two of these then.

  5. Airfix just gets better and better. This and the Ju-87 are the two really interesting releases you've shown. Hard to believe that the Tamiya kit is 21 years old now.

  6. Yet another P-51D in 1:48th scale- It looks good and yes I will most likely buy/build one BUT...Could somebody PLEASE produce an accurate 1:32nd P-51A or B?! Thanks Martin for posting the pics.

  7. Looks like a winner to me. Like Spitfires, you can't have too many Mustangs!

  8. that looks amazing. are you sure its an airfix kit? πŸ˜‰

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