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The Japanese Nightfighter: Gekko Late Production 1/48

February 26, 2018 · in Aviation · · 23 · 1.8K

Hello again,

Finished her today after a long battle with minor details and my own faults.
Trying to get a less boring, monochromatic all green Jap plane was my challenge, that and cutting my stash by building long time stored kits.

The build part was a joy, a true engineering, almost no fuss or putty, but the painting, weathering and detailing were a bit of a pain. So there you go...another step on the learning curve.

Kit got Eduard's PE and masks. In fact almost all markings are painted, the exception were the small #76 and 176, too small for me I guess. Cannon ends are Quickboost replacements.
I guess building that Zero will not be sometime soon

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  1. Nicely done, Pedro...gotta love those Tamiya kits, huh..? 🙂

  2. Another great build, Pedro. Not easy getting that level of interest in an essentially one color aircraft, but you achieved it through weathering and detail, and nice tonal shift.

  3. This is an amazing build my friend ! I especially like how the exhaust staining turned out, and how you managed to get the green in slight variations of color. The photography is spot on as well...

    Well done Sir !

    • Thank you Louis. When I started painting the exhaust stains I felt that it was turning rather sorry looking, in fact, it would diminish the overall effect of the kit. On a second look (the next day...) it looked a little less bad.
      Glad you and others don’t agree with me 🙂

  4. Pedro, just a lovely build! This has got to be one of their best!

  5. Well done Pedro, don't see this aircraft very often. Looks good.

    • Tom, I bought this kit when it hit the shelves, in the late nineties I believe. The only reason I bought it was because the Irving was a rather misterious plane to me, with very little information about it at that time.
      all this years later, I me to the conclusion that it was time to deal with this dull looking bird, taking advantage of a campaign build. I guess the later is the reason this kit is not seen built more often.

  6. Overall nice build. I like the different subject matter. I to enjoy the challenge of making solid color painting not mono-chromatic. I got a lot of great techniques watching YouTube and such. Now its something I really look forward to doing. I really like the way your exhaust stains came out, again not a mono-chromatic approach!

    • Thank you Paul, I resorted to other builds about Japanese green planes (Zeros, Kates and the Irving of course) and decid to combine 2 ways to modulate the rather dull black green that covers 90% of the plane.
      1- mixing in a 3 to 2 reason, the black green with the yellow used on the ID bands. With some degree of dilution I randomly covered the inside of large panels
      2- The same mix but using oil paints, applying it very diluted in small parts and highlights.

      What’s your preferred method if I may ask?

  7. Great Gekko, Pedro! I like these Japanese twins and this is one of the nicest. You did great with the painting, too.


  8. A real beauty - love the interior work, and all the weathering. Looks great!

  9. Thank you Greg. The cockpit is the highlight of this kit, in my opinion. All, but seats belts and some other minor stuff, is present in the plastic. It really is a kit made for the home market, given its niche

  10. Good to see one of these kits built especially when it's as nice as this, great finish.

  11. Very interesting model. The exhaust is really unusual and it would have been certainly super noisy; we can almost feel it looking at the smoke stains you made. Like it 🙂

    • Alex, don’t know about the noise, but the exhaust stain was quite heavy on these birds. That you see is merely my personal interpretation of poor B&W photos . Thanks for the comment

  12. Pedro @holzhamer, this is a wonderful build!
    The all-around green looks extremely realistic!
    And THOSE exhaust stains...

  13. @fiveten Thank you Spiros, having the time to read and comment on this old post really made my day 🙂 I often look at several of those random selected “old” posts that the page provides us on the bottom, and often I discover really good models posted as early as 2015, and also like to drop a line in their comments.

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