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Scale Modelworld 2016 models – #4 (Best in Show & Main Category Winners)

Well, the title says it all… happy viewing.

Stay tuned for more, or click on the link below to view:

45 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to Scale Modelworld 2016 models – #4 (Best in Show & Main Category Winners)

  1. That lead Ferrari is simply jaw-dropping….amazing talents abound everywhere one looks.

  2. Thank You guys for bringing the show to my PC. Unfortunatelly unable to join you lot i am really having a great time following your reports. Keep them coming, see You in april…. for a beer or two.

  3. Stunning, all of them, thanks for posting them, and all the rest.

  4. Probably should mention that the Best in Show subject is not a kit. The modeller, Senior Class Winner, has won a few titles here previously, rightly. He has a high proficiency in mouldings and castings and unique ideas as to how best to bring them to life. Credit where it’s due. Some people have commented negatively ‘oh here we go again,’ but the simple response is to offer something equally creative. If your whole raison detre is to present mass produced kits in various hide-bound formats, then you will not trouble the top table.

  5. Great stuff, and I have to add that a model is a model and if a guy makes his own molds and castings and manages to put out a winner what I see above, than you have to admire the guy. The model is gorgeous and that’s what I want to see . Again, great stuff, and thank you to all who helped present this to all of us.

  6. These people are all in desperate need of having tgheir hands amputated at the wrists – especially Stephane Marchetti. 🙂

    Stephane needs to be given a Permanent Grand Master trophy taller than he is, in recognition of his stuff. Every time I see one of his works of art, I tell myself “He can’t top that!” and the next year he demonstrates how little I know.

  7. Oh, and thank you thank you thank you to Martin for taking these hundreds (thousands?) of photos to bring the show to the rest of us.

    • My pleasure. We’ll probably end up with somewhere around 800-1000 photos – including the military and aviation models yet to be posted. Together, I believe that these sets provide the second best alternative to actually being at the exhibition. I am myself discovering new things about many of the models shown here.

  8. That Ferrari is phenomenal… Modelling on a different level.

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