Mitshubishi Ka-14 ,Test flights

October 23, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.4K

Mishubishi Prototipe.

Kit build from the box

(Eduard IJN seat belts & some cooper wire)

Paints :

Thanks for the tips and help:

Nik Nikolas Millman .

More words and history:


Samo Štempihar/ P.k


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  1. Very restrained weathering brings out details in the most sensible way. Looks perfect to me. Like the little details and re-positioned flying surfaces.

  2. This is a fantastic little plane ! I like your choice of colors and it looks spot on. I have one of these boxed from the movie "The Wind Rises". I was just looking at it a few days ago, and it is now on the build pile. Thanks !


  3. I wonder, was this plane in response to the American F4U Corsair?

    • Hello Jordyn.

      No this plane was the grandfather of the A6M Zero. It was actually one of the prototype planes for the Mitsubishi A5M “Claude”. It was flying well before the F4U was even on paper.

      The “Gull Wing” design was dropped before the A5M entered production.

      Great question. I hope that PK doesn’t mind that I answered.

      • Comments are always welcome !

        As the comment space below is a critique and an explanation

        He helped me with this project with tips and historical background
        i have to thank Nik Millman
        and his blog where along with my Ka-14 he described history.

  4. Nicely done! A solid, clean build.

  5. A unique airplane, I’ve never seen one before. Nicely built,
    Certainly one to be proud of.

  6. Neat build, watched "The Wind Rises" again the other day and also had thoughts of delving into the stash.

  7. Otherwise, I do wedering projects with a sense of imagery and historical data, and I do a lot of research and research.
    because I don't like the current fashion because the planes have not been in use for a long time or they were shot down or crashed on landing.

    That's why "spanish practice" and a lot of different aging products didn't make
    wasting $,€€ with me.

    However, I am sensitive to colors and apply these as best and authentically as possible


  8. This one is on my to-build list. Looks really good PK, I like your clean approach to weathering. Can I suggest using a bit more light when photographing? I'm sure we're missing a lot of subtleties because the images are quite dark.

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