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350th K’tinga battle cruiser.

December 20, 2016 · in Sci-fi · · 17 Comments

I thought I would share my latest project. Its an all resin 350th Klingon K'tinga. The kit was a nightmare to assemble with poorly cast parts, no instructions, base or decals.
It took many hours of correction and the addition of extra details to get the result you see here. The base was scratch built from acrylic sheet and the light kit was supplied by Tirydium Models.

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17 responses

  1. Spectacular result, those markings. Well done indeed!

  2. Too bad the kit was a hassle for you, but the end result is stunning! I wish Polar Lights would bring one out as you kind of need one to go with their 350th Enterprise! Do you have a WIP of the painting process? It doesn't look as hard as the aztecing on the Enterprise, but masking the panels still must have taken a while. Looks fabulous and the lights just make the model! Too bad there isn't a sound option for the post, because the Klingon battle theme needs to be playing here!

  3. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.
    Josh I have over two hundred pictures taken during the build including the masking. I will post some tomorrow when next at my PC. I spent over three hundred hours in total. The lighting set includes the forward and rear photon launchers and flashing top and bottom beacons.

  4. The lights really make the kit look awesome. Great work !

  5. Sweet! You cant tell it was a poor kit, looks great!

  6. Looks like a deep space cruise ship to me. Love the paint job.

  7. Thanks Louis and Rob for your comments.
    Josh I have added six pictures to the album showing some of the masking involved.

  8. The masking looks like a work of art in itself!

  9. Really inventive, nice to see some SF here.

  10. Very nice! I'm not a sci-fi guy, but I like what you did with the paint work and weathering (I guess stuff weathers in space...?!).

  11. Thanks again everyone for the positive reaction. I know what you mean Greg, does stuff weather in space? It just looked rather bland without it so I decided it had flown through a few gas nebulas or something. Klingon interiors always seem to be pretty sweaty places anyway ?

  12. That's an awesome job Robert!

  13. That is one impressive display of masking. A very well done to you

  14. Thanks Scott and George.

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