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So Wadja Get For Christmas?

December 25, 2016 · in Aviation · 8 Comments

Got some cash under the tree, so spent a few bucks online today...

I have recently taken an interest in modern trainers, and have the new Yak and Mig (by Amodel), but just accidentally realized I didn't have the T-4 so snagged on. Then went to my wish list, and had been wanting an MB.5 and knew the new injection-molded version was out by AZ models - got it! Looking at the MB.5 reminded me of the Eagle, and that was on my list to, so...

I'm ready for the new year!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Nice. Very BAE Hawk looking

  2. The wife got me the Monogram (now Revell) 1/48 B-17G! Next after the Flying Sub. I still have the original Shep Pane diorama booklet from one I built in the 70s!

  3. The new 48th Z-M Phantom, a 55" LG flat screen TV, a Kimber .45 ACP Ultra Carry II, and a 2017 Maxima (ok...they weren't really Christmas "presents" per se, but the timing was right).

  4. Hobby Boss 1/35 Vickers Medium Mk. II. Once again the kid came through, I could not find one. Gonna start it toots sweet. Kyle got the new 1/48 Hobby Boss I.A.R.80 Romanian fighter. HB was THE boss this Christmas.
    Recently got myself a Savage model 11VT in .308. Does that count?

  5. Nice. that M.B.5 looks interesting.

  6. Nice kits, Greg. There was a certain envelope under the tree. Some kits from Airfix are riding high on my wish list.

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