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I build 1/72 aircraft, from WWII forward, only build them wheels-up. Until Dec. 2019, all my models were brush-painted (or rattle can if NMF). I finally entered the modern age of the airbrush at the end of that year.

Dad was a fighter pilot so I grew up on airbases - he was trained in T-28, T-34 & T-33, then flew F-100, F-101, F-105, F-4 (Cam Ranh Bay) and T-38 (as IP).

I'm a member of Tulsa Modeler's Forum club (www.tulsaipms.org).

Live in Tulsa, 6 kids, 1 GREAT wife.

Love the outdoors and good friends (stop and visit anytime you're in Tulsa!)

REALLY hope to build my complete stash before I die (does anyone actually know someone who has accomplished this?)!

I'm also a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, so if you ever feel the need for some extra prayer, feel free to reach out.

ICM 1/72 Ki-21-1a Sally, Thai Bomber

This was an IPMS review build, so I'll post the link here when the review is released. link here soon... ICM is putting out great kits! The Sally is one of my favorite Japanese bombers, and I still have two Revell kits and an MPM in the [...]

Academy 1/72 F4U-1a New Zealand

I had decided to join the Jim Sullivan group build with a Corsair, and then saw a couple of other iModelers post builds of this aircraft assembled from the remains of two damaged aircraft that had worn different paint schemes. I found a [...]

Arma Hobby 1/72 P-39N

Love these Arma Hobby kits, even though they are a tad over-engineered. It probably took me about as much time to get the interior finished and the fuselage closed up, as it did all the rest of the process! The kit comes with a great set [...]

Oklahoma City MetroCon model show

This past Saturday I drove up the turnpike with a couple of fellow club members to attend the annual OKC show. Sorry for the limited subject matter in the pics, but as an aircraft guy that was all I took pics of! The BV 222 (6-engine [...]

Arma Hobby 1/72 Sea Hurricane Mark Ib

This was a review build for the IPMS USA site, so only included a few pics here. You can see the build review here: (link) I am really impressed with these Arma Hobby kits. I just scored another for a review build - a P-39N - that I'll [...]

Academy 1/72 Bf 109 E-7 in Japanese livery

James Kelley posted his version of this scheme from a FineMolds kit ((link) ), and I loved the scheme. I've since discovered there is some controversy over what the colors really were on the 109s secured for evaluation by the IJAAF (see [...]

Zvezda 1/72 Bf 109 F2

This was a project with a purpose. I wanted to experiment with using pastel chalk powders to attempt fine-line camouflage patterns and wanted to start on something small. I looked through the decals I had been collecting for my 109 [...]

Year In Review 2022

This wasn't one of my more productive years in terms of total output, which means I need to add a couple of years to my life expectancy if I'm going to complete my stash before I move on to a better world! I would have to mostly blame [...]

SMER 1/72 P-40L Warhawk, Operation Torch

The kit had some decent recessed details, so I didn’t do much additional engraving or riveting. I did have to make a few corrections to change from a K to an L. I deleted the guns and the pitot and replaced with hollow aluminum rod. [...]

Minicraft/Hasegawa 1/72 EA-6B ProwlerDesert Storm

This is a rather old kit, but did include engraved panel lines. My experience with Hasegawa engraved lines is they can be a bit too shallow to hold panel line wash well, so I deepened them a bit. The intakes are just solid blanks, as the [...]