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Verlinden Fantasy 120mm Resin “The Dungeonmaster”

December 2, 2016 · in Figures · · 7 · 1.7K

Newest finished piece. This is The Dungeonmaster, a 120mm, 6 part from the now defunct company, . I have had this kit for nearly 15 years, and finally decided I could do it justice. It was primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 Finishing Black, then I broke out the entire paint supply. I had decided that he was gonna be a red demon type thingy with intense green eyes, but his clothes were the real problem. I decided on royal purple for his robes, deep blue for the hoodie, and dirty ragged 'ick' for the old, torn fabric in-between the two. I used three shades of leather for all of the strapping, and steel for the metal plates. Dark Iron was used for the wires stitching his leather belt and van-braces together. The decorations were coloured with dark copper, and then weathered with light green verdigris. Light dry brushing and some rust on the steel finished the 'master. My dear wife found the door at a Hobby Lobby in the States, and I painted it up with the airbrush. I also airbrushed the base, then glued and screwed everything together.

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  1. Never was one for any kind of figures (I can't even do 48th scale pilots that look worth a damn). This one looks pretty grotesque...but well done, though.

  2. I think the addition of the door really makes this an interesting vignette. There's a suggestion of menace that lifts the scene.

    Somebody told me that when Verlinden shut down they broke up all their moulds and threw them into skips (U.S.= dumpsters) which I thought extraordinary. You'd have thought they could sell them on to another company for future production, as the principal product development costs are with the moulds.

    Nice work, George.

  3. Nicely done, reminds me of characters from Heavy Metal magazine back in the 70s.

  4. Don't quite know what this creature is but it came out great! Yes! Heavy Metal mag.

  5. You know - after all that chatter about "the site that shall not be named" and the Airfix P-40, it's just nice to see something that cannot be complained about from with respect to accuracy!

    Looked like a fun project, and agree with Rob that the door really gives it some depth. Nice touch - and kudos to the wife! (I'm just curious - did she do that for you without any prompting, or did she pick it up for some purposes of her own, and you repurposed it!)

    • It was a very fun project. My wife found the door while we were browsing in HobbyLobby, and the first thing she suggested was that it would look great with the new creature I was building. She was right, as usual.

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