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2017 Preview-Planned Projects new and old

January 7, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 16 Comments

Happy New year everyone as today I will preview what I have planned for the new year. New projects are mostly 48th scale for the most part, have not decided what to build in 72nd scale as yet. A little variety and looking forward to cracking the boxes. Older projects left over from last year that are almost completed and even some armor projects that are well along in progress. And of course the very long term Lanc project. Happy that I was able to finally complete one long term last year and repaired a few along the way. Rather ambitious as I figure the Tornado and HH-60H will not be completed as they will be a couple of projects that will take some time. The Tam kits should be fun to build. And hopefully finally finish the Lancaster. Also the armor soft skins as well as they have been lingering way too long and would love to start a new armor project as well.

Thanks for viewing.


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16 responses

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    said on January 7, 2017

    Good selection. It's good to have a few on the go at once I find as it can get tedious. Good luck hope you them done.

  2. Nice array of projects, Chuck...lookin' forward to your work.

  3. Chuck, ambitious program! Some really nice choices there, and we'll look forward to seeing them. I love that Lancaster. I've only seen a couple built, and it is impressive when it is done.
    The Dinah is just a pretty aircraft.
    Break an exacto knife!

    • Thanks Bernard, you mentioned the xacto blades, have to also make sure all my supplies are up to snuff. Hate run out of something while working on a kit. Like cement. Try to keep a couple of bottles always handy so one goes there is one available and it's time to order another one. What happened to Tenax again?

  4. Yes, the key word is 'ambitious.' Good luck!

    • Though I may have only finished 4 kits in 2016, that is good for me. And 2 almost finished. I normally have a hard time gettng that many done. Looking forward to making better use of time.

  5. You certainly have a lot on the go there, Chuck, it'll be interesting your progress in 12 months time. Happy new year!

  6. Nice builds, looking forward to the A-10.

  7. I agree with the others Chuck. You have a nice selection there. I'm looking forward to the Mig build and the Lancaster.

    The A-10's are awesome too. Many years ago I had one buzz my M-60A1 tank while we were road marching through the desert on a tank trail. He was SO LOW that he actually clipped the top portion of our radio antennae off !

    My hat's still off to this day for our A-10 "drivers". I'm glad they were on our side... One second they were here. The next they were gone... and the sound of the Gatling gun when it fired reminded me of a chain saw running at wide open throttle.

  8. Thanks Louis, love the A-10, this will be the 2nd one, did a Tam A-10 couple of years ago. This one will be a LASTE version that participated in Enduring Freedom. The Lanc will actually was able to do some work on it today. Very pleasant winter day, warm so nice to get some work in on the D9 as well.

  9. Looks like a great line-up! I'm too fickle to commit to a line up for a year...I start working on stuff and something else in the stash or in an article catches my eye, and I'm off on a new project! I do have a few that are on my on-deck bench, but I'm not saying until I've actually put glue and paint on something!

    • Hi Greg, this I understand as there was a time just go with a subject that just captures your passion. Don't need the feeling of being locked in on a plan. For the most part it's just a suggestion for myself. A GB this year will modify this plan if it captures my desire to pursue that build.

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