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The first build of my son, George (4)

April 2, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.4K

Hi fellow modellers, Want to share with you something big for me and for George as well.

George had just finished his first model today (02.0402020). He started it when he was 3 and finished when he is 4.

For the first build, I had chosen 1:72 from . The first reason was to choose a one-colour paint plane. The kit includes a few parts, but fine moulded with nice detail on it.

I tried to help my son as little as possible. He painted it with a brush (we tried also airbrush but didn't work for 3 years old kid). He painted it with water thinned acrylics (due to no toxic influence if eaten). For the bomb, He had no patient 🙂

No protection of clear coat, therefore, a lot of stains (especially on the wing after grabbing the plane with pancake fingers:) I helped little with the canopy and decals (the decals were very stiff and micro sol was needed).

I highly do recommend the kit for beginners and children.

To summarize it was a very nice time spent with my son.

I have just started a group of Parent & Child builds, everybody is welcome.

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16 responses

  1. Great job, George!

    You must be very happy with your new plane!

    I can’t wait to see the next one!

    Lovely photos Lucasz!

  2. You did a perfect job, George! Welcome to the club!
    All the best, George and Lukasz!

  3. Great job George! It is pretty great that you know how to weather models using pancake batter! We could learn a lot from you!
    Your dad is great to show you how to build models!
    Dan from Bermuda.

  4. Nice work George!
    A geat way to start the hobby!
    Best wishes for your next project together

  5. Boy, I saw your last name and even though they're not spelled the same, the first person I thought of was John Matuszak. (Former Oakland Raider and also Sloth from The Goonies if you didn't know.) I wasn't quite so young when my Dad and I built our first plane (a Revell 1/32 P-40) but it's a great memory. A year for a three to four year old to build a small kit sounds good. Most young'uns have a limited attention span before wanting to move on to something else. (And if you try to get them to model when they don't want to they might equate it to a chore and lose interest. I just remember wanting to play with the P-40 with the retracting gear and all!)

    Great job you two! Hopefully George has caught the bug and will keep going! (Maybe try a small pirate ship while watching The Goonies!)

  6. Looks great, George! Nice way to spend time together.

  7. Well done George and Lukasz, we need more youngsters in the hobby to replace us oldies !

  8. Nice build George. Looking forward to future builds.

  9. Outstanding George, keep up the good work. Really enjoyed the pics Lukasz looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.

  10. What a beauty George! I thought I started young, but you have me beat by several years! Congratulations on a great-looking model!

  11. Very nice model, George! And very nice parenting, Łukasz!

  12. Way to go George and dad, @dalixan! Well done.

  13. Well done! - I like the choice of color and all! If you speculate on something great for a kid, Zvezda has several no-glue kits, making it even better suited for those youngsters.
    Happy modeling!

  14. Sorry for the form, but I have no time to replay everyone separately (I have to start online students consultations in a few minutes).
    I am very, very happy for that great support. I had read all the comments to my son and He was very happy. He even told his grandmother about you'res opinion.
    I am very glad that I had found iM.
    Best wishes to you all.

  15. Great initiative and post Lukasz, the future of our hobby is right there! Stay well!

  16. Fantastic. When I was 4 I was still eating dirt

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