Accurate Miniatures SB2U-3 “Vindicator”

January 22, 2017 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

This is 1:48 scale Vought SB2U-3, "". I had built this kit a few year ago, also when IT first came out. I had gotten a kit that had the original flaw in the rear fuselage, where there was a weird indentation, due to a mold imperfection. Accurate Miniatures made good on a fix, by sending me a new set of fuselage halves.

While I was happy with the kit overall, there were a few trouble spots. The fit of the instrument panel, and the wind screen, were rather messed up. Lots of creative words-smithing (Cursing) went into this area of the kit. It was a pain in the a**. Still, the detail in the cockpit was terrific, and the kit went together pretty well, everywhere else.

This “Vindicator” was attached to Marine Bombing Squadron Two Forty One, (VMSB-241), and was based on Midway Atoll, during the Battle of Midway. It was flown by 2nd Lt. Sumner Whitten, pilot, with Sgt. Frank E. Zelnis, as gunner.

After unsuccessfully attacking the Japanese battleship HMIJNS Haruna, number eleven was set upon by several A6M “Zero” fighters. In the running fight that followed, Sgt Zelnis was able to drive off the attacking aircraft, shooting one down and damaging a second. However, this was not before he was wounded in both legs. Lt. Whitten landed number eleven, with over one hundred and sixty nine bullets holes in it's airframe.

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  1. Another fine piece of modeling there, sir...although never having built one, I'd heard it kind of a "bear" to assemble WITHOUT uttering the obligatory expletives. Yours turned out great. Nice work!

  2. Unusual thing. Huge difference in colour depending on light!

    • Yes...noticed that - the last 4 pics cover a wide range of color.

    • I'm not what one would call a photographer. That being said, when I painted the model, I did use different shades of the base color, depend on what part of the aircraft I was painting, i.e fabric or metal surfaces.
      The difference in backgrounds was due to different photo ops...and not enough lighting. Some had a flash used too, which gave the plane a really weird hue!

  3. I really like this plane. Good job !

  4. Good looking Vindicator. Not an easy kit, but the best one available, and I don't see anyone else ever doing one. I was pleased that they did it.

  5. Very nice - has a great well-worn look to it!

  6. Looks very good. especially on a blue background.

  7. Very nice builds, both of them !

  8. I have to echo what everyone else has stated. Its a very nice build and I liked reading about the exploits of the crew. To me that's what helps to bring life into a model is knowing the background behind it. Fantastic work all around ! Thanks for sharing another masterpiece with us.

  9. Good work Freddy.

  10. Frederick, nice work, I always enjoy checking out these early warbirds and reading your write-up about this aircraft and the crew is very interesting. Thanks for sharing !

    I had a similar problem with the weird (brownish tint) you experienced here with your pictures. Two things solved my problem. Lighting and the angle I was taking the picture. I use three lamps with 60w condescend bulbs, (not compact fluorescents). It seems the regular 60w bulbs gives off a softer white light that does not cause that brownish tint as often. I also don't need a flash and turn it off when I'm photographing. I'm no photographer, but I do have some photographer friends that helped a lot and they all pointed toward lighting as a very key factor. I hope this helps !

  11. Way cool. Gotta get one. Love your work.

  12. Turned out very nice

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    You did very well on this one Frederick. Very nice weathering on both. One can see the DEVASTATOR lines to it.
    Nice photography.

  14. Another good looking model from you Frederick, you've definitely mastered these Accurate Miniatures.

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