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The Coolest Thing I've Ever Made

February 7, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 8 Comments

Go over to YouTube and type in "the coolest thing I ever made." It's a series. I'm pretty sure everyone here will relate to any of the people in any of the episodes.

This is the one that really rang my bell:

8 responses

  1. Very cool, and it suddenly made me realize just how utterly innocent OUR hobby is. 😀

  2. Some folks got more time and money than they know what to do with - unfortunately, I ain't one of 'em. At least he's MAKIN' money on it now.

  3. Go up to YouTube and look at them! This guy is one of the sane ones.

  4. Every one needs a hobby...Wow.

  5. The Hiller aviation museum in California has part of a Jumbo that you can go thru, cockpit and cabin, with stairs to the upper deck. Son took me, forget what name of the nearest town is.
    Nice museum, worth the trip. Several large cases of models you can view, a history of the plastic kit.

    • Bernie,
      Don't know when you went to Hiller but I wished you would have contacted me. The town is San Carlos and I am about 12 miles North. Hiller is a very good museum specializing in Northern CA aviation history. I re-painted a very large hanging B-26 for the museum.

  6. The sad thing for me is that I remember using computer equipment like that at the check-in desk!
    And would you believe the place I work has one still in use today as a (very basic) server!

  7. I will show this part to my GF. She often complains about the "lots of place" I need for my modeling stuff 😀 😀 😀

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