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It’s Twins!… well, sort of?

March 5, 2017 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.8K

Finished, last night and this morning...these two have haunted my workbench for several months, and at last they are completed! Both are 's A6M2b kit; one a Pearl Harbor raid Zuikaku machine with kit decals and the other a 1942 Rabaul based aircraft from Rising Decals " Part III" sheet; otherwise strictly OOB. Tamiya and Vallejo paints. Many lessons learned and as many mistakes made. With the possible exception of the canopy masking chore, this kit really is a breeze to build.

Thanks to Tom Cleaver for colors advice.

I built them in tandem, assuming I'd screw at least one up along the way.

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  1. Can't complain with two for the price of one! Nice work, and the display bases set them off very well.

  2. As George said, those bases really compliment the builds...nice work all around, sir. (and, yes...canopy masking can be a pain in ANY scale - more so in 72nd).

  3. Excellent duo.

  4. An excellent two-fer! Thanks for sharing, Bert!

  5. Nice Zero's Bert, well done.

  6. Nice twins, well done!

  7. Good looking twins Bert. What's your next project?

  8. Great looking zeros! I just acquired a similar zero in an Airfix dogfight duals kit with a P-40B warhawk as well, and plan to do a Pearl version. I'm hoping mine looks as good!

  9. Nice work all around. You got the Rabaul one quite right by getting it dirty but the paint not really mucked up - that early war ame-iro was pretty rugged paint. I like both of them a lot. Glad I could help.

  10. Great looking Zero's . I love the overall finish on both 🙂

  11. A pair of excellent of Zero models Bert. Extremely well done.

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