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Wild Strawberries

March 19, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 37 · 2K

This is the Type 82 E. And a nice model it is. Very basic, but goes together well.
I just happened that it drove into a field of wild strawberries.
I wanted to do a factory fresh version and put this together in a couple of days.
The base was fun. Here is how I did it.
Fine ground foam with the larger foam added in. These were sprinkled on to a great big glob of white glue. allowed to dry. Then I went back with acrylic red for the strawberries. When this was dry I secured it all with flat clear. Then I went back and applied Future to the berries to make them shine a bit more.
Well there you have it.. A lot of fun. If I get tired of the black paint job, I'll go back and field camo the unit.

Hope you like.
California Steve

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  1. Hi Steve...where ya been? Sounds like it took ya longer to fashion the base than build the car. 🙂
    Speakin' a which, that looks like one of the real early VW's (it's got that oval rear window). And how's come it's sittin' so high off the chassis?
    Finally, doncha ya DARE "camo up" that car - looks good in black.

  2. Thanks Craig, The type 82 E was a factory order for a VW with the torsion bars (twisted) for a higher riding vehicle. This was a early version with the split rear windows. I like to explain the base early on. These are so easy to do and a lot of modelers are (I don't know why) are hesitant when it comes to doing this fun part.
    I have been doing a lot of 1/20 scale RC boats lately.
    Good to hear from you .
    California Steve

  3. Steve, good to see you! Nice paint job on the Volks, agree with Craig, leave it black, as the Rolling Stones advise. You wouldn't want Mick angry, would you?
    Like the base, real Ingemar Bergman stuff.

  4. Thank you Bernard, Ingemar Bergman? Didn't make a movie called War and Strawberries? or was that The Strawberries of War? Probably both are incorrect. Two to one so I'll will leave it black.
    It's been a while since I have posted. This is still the best forum for us plastic impaired.
    I am glad you liked..
    California Steve

  5. Steve. Wild Strawberries. I saw it at a Womens college when I was in college. It was hard going, if you weren't Swedish. Art film stuff. Killed any enthusiasm I had for the genre.

  6. Hi Steve, good to see you posting here again. The Beetle looks smart. Remember that Beatle's song: Strawberry fields for ever...

  7. Always nice to see that Cal Steve imagination in action! Well done. Your VW Beetle looks great!

  8. Profile Photo
    said on March 20, 2017

    Good lookin VW.

  9. I think I would be wild if someone parked a Beetle on top of me.
    Nice work Steve, as ever.

  10. Nice classic! I drove a bug from high school through early married life and loved that little bugger - until some knucklehead pulled out in front of me in traffic and creamed it!

    • Thanks Greg, I know how you feel. I took a 1970 and purchased a set of special rims that had been widened but center mounted. Cut and turned the front torsion bars. Reset the rear swing arms a few clicks on the rear. This was I was able to run wider off road tires within the stock fenders.
      A full bodied Baja Bug. It was great BUT!
      My X destroyed it a inch at a time. First the rear, then the front . She managed to repeat this many times..
      Oh Well.
      I'm glad you liked.
      California Steve

  11. You've squashed all the strawberries!
    Nice build.

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work on that classic beetle Steve..

  13. Cool VW ! Make strawberry ice cream out of the crushed ones. and you can always put flower decals on the car if you tire of the paint.

  14. Nice Beetle...Strawberry Fields Forever : )

  15. You are NOT like all the other kids. But you have fun. BTW you can squash all the strawberries you want. Ask my wife-I HATE 'em.
    I have a bunch of Sunflowers I have been meaning to squash with a T-34 for years, gotta get toit.

  16. OK Bill even strawberries covered in milk chocolate? Wait!
    I want to squash sunflowers with a T-34!
    Let me know when I'll provide the adult beverages for the Grand Celebration! Heck! I'll even bring a big bag of Doritos!
    Now how could you resist that offer Buddy?
    California Steve

  17. CA Steve,
    As always I loved to see your stuff. Great theme and always beautifully done.

  18. Nice little Beetle, Steve. Lovely build with a clean paint job.

  19. Gosh Bernard, I hope your naval virus is a passion for ships and things and not a major tummy problem.

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