1:48 Scale, Fine Molds A5M4, Type 96 Carrier Fighter, “Claude”

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A beautiful little model by , is this A5M4 Type 96, in 1:48 scale.

It has very nice detail in the cockpit and engine, and the surface detail on the exterior is excellent, especially on the wings. The model builds well, with NO fooling around getting parts to line up, and little to no putty anywhere. I think that, this is by FAR the best kit they have produced, and I recommend it to anyone interested in Japanese aircraft. The pictures speak for themselves, so I hope you enjoy!

Markings are for an A5M4, flying from IJN Shoho, during Operation MO, the invasion of Port Moresby.

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  1. Well done Freddie. You sure knocked that out fast. I picked one up about 3 weeks ago but haven't done anything with it yet. Looks like it will get moved up the list for new starts.

  2. Nicely done, sir...good lookin' build.

  3. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice clean work Frederick . Looking at the wings, kind of makes one see those of the SPITFIRE.

  4. Sweet! I've always liked the looks of this aircraft

  5. That would have been one of the two A5M4s that defended Shoho during the battle of the Coral Sea. Jimmy Flatley shot them both down, his first two victories of the war.

    Nice work on the kit, that's an uncommon scheme.

    • Thanks Tom
      I have to admit, it may not be correct, but from I have read so far, I feel it's a pretty good, educated guess. Now, If I may ask your opinion on same? Also, the kit is FABULOUS!
      (BTW, congrats on the new book, I will be getting a hold of it as soon as I finish "Shattered Sword")

  6. Great job sir!

  7. More neat work there, Frederick, but, again, why is it in "Uncategorised"?

  8. Nice job Freddie... It really turned out great.

  9. Very nice! I've seen a few really nice Claude's lately, and can't decide what scheme to put on my build. Probably slated for 2018, as my on-deck bench is pretty cluttered at the moment...

  10. Next one I build, will be the red tail, white and black fuselage stripes over NMF. That will be one beautiful looking aircraft!

  11. Profile Photo
    P.k said on April 6, 2017

    Great job

  12. Nice one, it´s on my "want list" since a while. Good to read about your positive build experience.

  13. Great work- I have been interested in doing a Claude for a while. The scheme you chose is really appealing, and it is build really well!

  14. Fantastic model! congrats! About to start an A5m myself... what paint did you use for the brownish color?

  15. I used the Testors Model Master Enamels SAC Tan. I would like to say that you should maybe lighten it up a tad with light grey? Finding it will be more of a problem as they stopped making those paints.

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