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Churchill Crocodile (British flamethrower tank)

May 11, 2017 · in Armor · · 14 · 2.1K

I had a great time with this build as it was a kit and these things almost build them selves ,good for an i***t like me,it must be a lump of a tank as it takes some space on the shelf,would love to see one close up.I use acrylics to paint and oils to weather and I also use my wives old make-up powder this is great for that dusty look(P.S dont tell her) it comes in all those dust and earth colours you could want.My mate says people may wonder about me with all that make-up and stockings to filter my paints in the kit draw LOL.

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  1. I've discovered all manner of "modeling applications" in the oddest places myself...hey - whatever works, right?

  2. Nice build. I used some baking powder for snow once, but wasn't quick enough bringing it back inside and she who must be obeyed found it on the garage bench. And it was empty, so now I don't use stuff from the kitchen... enough said haha

  3. Jim, a wonderful build, this is a great looking tank, I really like the tread work !
    And, ahhh, we modelers look at everything a little differently, you never know what a modelers treasures are laying around just waiting to be put to good use !

  4. I took a sneak peek at your plane models and from someone of your class I appreciate the kind words thanks.

  5. Jim, friend of mines wife found this pair of pantyhose in his glove compartment. He told her he was going to use them to buff up a natural metal finish on one of his builds. They're still together, so I guess she bought it.
    I'd like to see one of these operating. It's just not what I'm used to seeing, being brought up on Shermans. Yours captures the look of the subject really well. The commander looks bemused, poor devil!

    • Yes all my figures look that way (Im sure they say not him again)the gear some of us have in our work area can be confusing I do use the hair spray method sometimes so that is on my shelf,Im glad I`m married I can send my wife in the store to buy some of this gear,did buy one of those make-up liner pens in black its great for those fiddly bits,I bought it on line and they ask me to review it,was not game to tell them I just used it for modelling.(model building that is?)

  6. Nice! Love the weathering tips.

  7. Great looking Churchill, Jim, and the comments regarding the make up are great, too!

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