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F-104G Belgian Starfighter “all open”

May 12, 2017 · in Aviation · · 46 · 5K

Eduard (Hasegawa) 1/48.

Here (finally!) the F-104G Natofighter Eduard 1/48 that I was happy to receive here (as "awards of the month" winner) 19 months ago (October 2015).

I used almost all the available detailing sets (except the radome) : train wells, cockpit, avionics, electrical load center bay, M61 Vulcan rotary-fire cannon, engine bay with hydraulic service panel, drag chute,... (Daco, CMK).
So here is an "all open" version of this Starfitghter. This has resulted in a long and sometimes complicated work of planing and adjusting, due to the conflicts between the additional parts.
I hope you enjoy it.

FX-52 has a commonplace story, which you can discover on "wreckhunters" ( and on "Tigers squadron" ( websites.

After retirement, it was sold to finish « tigered » painted as seen on the last photo.

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  1. EXCELLENT build and presentation, Christian...beautiful work,sir.

  2. Superb, Christian! I looked at your excellent photos before I read your narrative & I thought this MUST be a kit in 1/32 scale because of the outstanding details you have added. This was pure pleasure to see. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Oh wow. This is gorgeous. Congratulations - the detail, realism and beautiful paint job all make this model just stand out. Amazing work. How many hours do you think this took?

    • Happy you like it, thank you David.
      Seven months elapsed since i separate the first part from the sprue until today when i bought the mirror to show the model.
      If I feel working on the kit two days out of three, and 4 to 8 hours a day (i'm retired), you can estimate the time it took. There is a saying here "When you love you do not count" ... But another says "Time is money"...

  4. Christian, best opened up F-104 I've seen, bar none. Looks real.

  5. Wonderful 🙂 Just wonderful!

    • Thank you sir : good photos do a lot in presenting a model. A lot of work to build the kit, that's sure, but when I look at it on its mirror on the table, it does not seem so wonderful as shown on the pictures ...

  6. Beautiful! so much detail, right down to mk76 practice bombs!

  7. Christian, I've seen some wonderful work posted by you here, but this has to be one of your best. Excellent work !

  8. I've been returning to look at it for the 4th or 5th time, just can't get enough.
    It would rock Telford or Moson, Christian. Have you ever thought about bringing it there?

    • Waw, thank you Halvar ! Maybe with my model club ( AMC), they go each year to Telford. I never made the trip to this high place of modeling. I think about it.

  9. That's a beauty Christian! Obviously a labour of love too, that's very inspiring sir! 🙂

    • Thanks Gary.
      A labour of love ... and sometimes also, in bad days, the desire to take the air with a real jet, far from that f*****g glue and plastic...! You know what i mean, you're a modeler.

  10. Must be this months WINNER! Well done!

  11. Stunning, Christian, a real work of art.

  12. Great job with opening this bird! And unusual camo scheme... The best build of the month!

    • Ah ! you are the modeller of this fantastic Phantom 'Sundowners" (and others superb models), congratulations to you.
      Thank you for compliments, Martin, this camo was usual here in Belgian AIr Force, before F-16.

  13. Hi Christian. A very fine build; beautiful paint, detailing & weathering & if that's not enough, excellent photographs as well. I can't say any more because it's all been said by everyone else: maybe a simple WOW covers it!

  14. I will just echo what every one has said,Fab,Fabulous ,I see work like this and it makes me want to rush out and start something new,it`s guys like you who give us mere mortals hope.

    • When i go to modeling expos, it's exactly what i feel when i see nice kits : and it gives me energy to make new realizations.
      Thank you Jim for making me feel like being beneficial to others modelers.

  15. Profile Photo
    P.k said on May 15, 2017

    Top build!

  16. Lovely Job Christian - great work.

  17. Exquisite! A beautiful build!

  18. I think all the comments and likes say it all mate! That's an amazingly detailed and well finished build!

  19. Thank you all for your compliments. I hope to continue on the same path.

  20. Hello Christian,
    Museum piece. fantastic what you did to this relatively small scale model.
    Regards, Dirk.

  21. Christian, that is some spectacular workmanship. I have the Italeri 1/32nd scale kit in my to-do-shortly pile. If I can get my 1/32nd scale kit to look half as good as your 1/48th scale version, I'll be really happy.



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