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One Month Away for the Midway Group Build reveals………………..

The time has really flown by since we started the Midway Group Build, which was started to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway. This picture I "borrowed" from Rob Pollock as he originally posted it on a Friday Briefing. I really like this colorized photo that shows planes on the deck of the USS Enterprise about a month or so before the Midway Battle...

Thanks Rob ! ( I think this is a very cool photo by the way...).

The actual reveal for our builds is scheduled to start on June 3rd, which is the date when the Japanese forces were spotted by a PBY Catalina on patrol, and will go through June 6th when the battle concluded. This time frame should allow time for each person's entry to be added without too many problems with time constraints. It should also allow the article and photos to stay in the headlines for a little while...

If someone doesn't meet the so called "Deadline" to post their articles and pictures of their project, that's OK too... Just post it when you get it finished. No harm, no foul. We appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this.

We have had a very good response so far. There has been a really good turn out from our members here on I-modeler, with several persons building several different models so far. Some even have more coming ! Many models have been completed and are ready to go.

I personally want to thank each and every one of you who have contributed so far. Even if it's only a comment or two. It's a Group effort and every bit helps.

The bottom line is this: I want everyone to have a good time, and enjoy yourselves while doing this. So far I know that I have been...

With a month left before the "Official" reveal takes place, there's still time to start something and get it finished before then. Everyone is still welcome to join in on the fun.

So come on over and check out the work that has been going on over in the Midway Group Build. Here's a link to what we have been doing...

I really think that you will like what you see... I know I have !

Thanks again.

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  1. Good pep talk, Louis!
    The final reveal time should show plenty of great entries.

    • Thanks Jeff.

      I'm really looking forward to the reveals. We have had some really good projects going on over there. Some models have even been entered into local contests (and done very well).

      It should be a good one !

      Please stay tuned...

  2. You mean I still have time to finish that AM 48th Dauntless that's been lingering in the "to-be-repaired" box for months. Maybe I should "get on the stick" and try to "git 'er done", huh? Thanks.

    • Yes Craig that would be great if you decided that you wanted to complete your SBD and join us. If you go a little past the schedule for the reveal that's ok too. We're not going to be strictly enforcing this part. As long as it's close that will be fine. So go ahead and get cranking on it !

    • Better late than never Craig.

  3. I've got a dilemma, I'm working on two builds, one, a weirdly camouflaged P-36 which was supposedly with the 28th composite group. The second a P-40E of 18th fighter squadron, which I think arrived late in 1942 with their P-40's [ perhaps they converted from the P-36].I not sure if they qualify for the group. but to the dilemma ,as it turns out the p-40E kit 1/72 hasegawa, is missing the full canopy assy. so if anyone can donate one I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys.

    • I saw your post in the trading post section about a month ago. Sorry but I can't help you Robert. I got rid of all my 1/72 scale stuff several years ago. My eyes are not what they used to be. Now I stick with 1/48 stuff and larger. Hopefully someone can come through with what you need. Please keep us posted my friend.

  4. Man - I'm hoofing it trying to get done! All that extra detailing I accidentally fell into slowed me down a bit, but I'm getting there...

    • The extra detail work you have done with your SBD is simply amazing. I would have thought it was a much larger scale than it is, had I not known that it's a 1/72 scale plane.

      I know that you're sincerely trying to get it knocked out, and I appreciate your efforts Greg.

      If you get it done in time that would be fantastic. If not, then like Tom told Craig above, "Better late than never."

      Please continue to give us updates on your progress. I'm sure everyone is enjoying your postings. I have been...

      Thanks again my friend.

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