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Project Spike ASAT F-106A, 1/72 Hasagwa.

July 21, 2021 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.9K

This F-106A was used on Project Spike which was an ASAT program of the early '70s. Being fired from an , the missile would release a terminal homing vehicle guided by solid rocket motors on a trajectory to intercept a selected satellite. Static flight tests were conducted with Standard ARM missile with a dummy payload. Project Spike was dropped in favor of the ASAT F-15 program of the mid '80s. 0-80795 was also involved in testing the m61 gatling gun installation for the 106 and the modified canopy for better visibility.

I came across this when I was looking to see if the USAF ever considered arming the 106 with other missile types like the Sidewinder and such. When I saw The ARM under the wing in a photo I thought, what a Wild Weasel 106? The biggest obstacle in doing a particular aircraft is the markings. 0-80795 had been already produced by Microscale, finding one in good shape would be luck, but it just so happens it's still being produced as SuperScale No. 72-876. I used an old /Minicraft boxing of the 106. Very basic, little to no flash, with some filing needed in the usual spots.

The last model photo is of the 106 and an F-14, I've got this memory of seeing F-14's and 106's flying in formation together some where.

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  1. @roofrat, That's a beauty Robert! Very nice work here sir! I really appreciated the photo with the F-14; they're both honkin' big birds aren't they?!? 🙂

  2. Nice work looks great Robert, the 106 is a pretty big aircraft.

  3. Robert, @roofrat
    A few nights ago, I was looking at some of the models in my stash, and I pulled down several of the 1/48 scale Century Jets that Monogram / Revell made back in the day. I have most of them from the F-100 through the F-106. (I am missing a "decent" 104, but I do have the old Hawk version that was released under the Testors name later on). The one thing that really grabbed my attention was just how big these planes were, and how crisp the molds still were on my 1980 vintage F-100.

    Every time I see a model built up of a F-102 (or F-106 even), I automatically think about the iconic photo of the Mercury astronauts standing next to one...

    These planes are beautiful, and your model is no exception. Thanks for the history lesson behind this one. I definitely pressed the "liked" button.

    Take care buddy and stay safe...

  4. A Nice and clean build and interesting story Robert. 1/72 scale is my favourite Thumbs up.

  5. Nice work, Robert. I was never aware of Project Spike. That Hasegawa 106 was one of the kits that really got me permanently hooked on modeling in the mid ‘70s. Nice to see it built again.

  6. Great build, Robert.
    I was really surprised by the size of the 106 next to the F14 which is also beautiful.
    Well done.

  7. Nicely done Robert, looks good.

  8. Great build, Robert, on a configuration I have never seen before.
    You were lucky to have seen a Delta Dart and a Tomcat in formation!

  9. Great looking Dart Robert, and nice info in your write up.

  10. Very nice! I'm always looking for excuses to hang unusual ordnance off my projects, and this is a great one! Love it.

  11. Very interesting story, Robert, and a great looking model, definitely liked.

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