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Vought F4U-4 Corsair, Hasegawa 1/48

May 21, 2017 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

First completed build of the year. It wasn't supposed to take this long! Having pulled this one out of the stash last November thinking it would be a quick build, I wasn't expecting life to intervene as much as it did.

This is the old kit with a True details cockpit and exhaust stacks fabricated from small pieces of brass tubing. The cockpit is a major improvement over the kit offering and was well worth the investment. Kit went together very well with minimal filler needed. The only problem I ran into was the kit decals, which carried the markings I wanted for VMF-323, the Death Rattlers, operating in Korea. Unfortunately, the decals decided not to cooperate, first not wanting to come off the backing, then disintegrating when they did come off. Finally found a set on evil bay that came from an old Mongram offering that worked just fine after an application of Microscale decal film and a lot of Solvaset. Paint is Model Master dark sea blue weathered by drybrushing and light washes. I had intended to hang a napalm tank and 500-pound bomb underneath, but I liked the clean look better , so I left it unladen. The Death Rattlers squadron patch was given to me by a pilot friend who I met while working on a restoration a few years back. He flew with the squadron in Viet Nam.

Hopefully, the next one won't take so long.

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16 responses

  1. Terrific work on your Corsair, Jaime!

  2. Beautiful ! All those lessons are paying off ! Congrats, Jaime !

  3. Nice build, Jamie...a scheme we don't often see (love that "nose art").

  4. Looks fantastic Jaime ! Having the patch is even better ... Awesome buddy.

    • I plane on building a few Corsairs later on this year, providing that nothing happens or gets in the way. Like you, I like the way the F4U looks when it's clean. My Dad was a Korean War vet and he told me several times later in his life that he watched these planes drop their ordnance right on the intended target and that the Corsair pilots were very good. He also added that he has seen these planes fly so heavily loaded with underwing stores that he was surprised that they could remain airborne. He said they "looked as if they would fall out of the sky since they were flying so slow". One last comment he made about them was that when they were fully loaded, the F4U looked like it would be lucky to fly at a top speed of what he guessed would be around 250 MPH or so.

      Thanks for building a Korean War F4U. You don't see them build as often, which is a shame considering what they did for our grunts...

  5. Excellent Corsair! Marine Air are definitely experts at close air support. Did the pilot you know fly F-4's?

  6. Fantastic! You did an amazing job on this one! Subtle weathering and stunning paint finish makes this Corsair stand out!

  7. Very nice indeed Jaime! Beauty mate. 🙂

  8. Jaime: that old Corsair kit never looked better. You did a terrific job on it.

  9. Hello Jaime...Always good to see a nicely done Corsair. You did a fine job of building that old Hasegawa kit. The nose trim with the rattler certainly grabs your attention. Well done.

  10. Great job! Just when you think you've run out of interesting schemes to apply to a Corsair - you see another one like this! I may need to add another to the stash...

  11. Jaime, good looking Corsair, I have to admit I never really cared for the rattle snake art work on these, however, the well done model you've done here makes it look good. Well done !

  12. We see so many very weathered Corsairs (and very good they are, too) it makes a nice change to see a fairly clean one, it makes for a very attractive model, great history as well.

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