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Long Range Desert Group

June 3, 2017 · in Diorama · 8 Comments

I haven't completed a background for this diorama yet

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8 responses

  1. SAS guys...? Them were some bad "mamma-jammas". 🙂

  2. Nice job, great figures.

  3. Another nice one Thomas!

  4. Those 3 kits from Tamiya was an idea I had wanted to do with a dio. I hope that soon you will put these wandering desert Rats on an interesting moment of time past.

  5. Very cool Thomas. I saw somewhere many years ago that some of these vehicles were sometimes fitted out with twin air cooled Lewis guns too, and carried a few extra spare tires. You have captured the look rather well. I still can't seem to paint figures... Yours look realistic. I really like it.

  6. Tom, great little grouping and vehicle. One of the highly individualistic semi independent groups "swanning around in the blue" , these folks, later the SAS, and Popskis Private Army. Wide choice of personal kit and weapons, to include enemy LMGs and SMGs. Always interesting, as anything goes. Once you get away from the flagpole, practicality rather than left-right-left takes over.

  7. One great build Thomas,I built the jeep and you sure can load them down with gear,I have seen some good ideas for dios on line,all with lots of sand,and like others the SAS guys were another breed of soldier.

  8. Awesome, Thomas! I look forward to seeing this in a completed diorama, if that's your plan.

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