Revell Germany 1/48 A-20G Havoc, from late 2012.

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Hello all.
I´m going to share with you this old project, it took me good 18 months to finish it and so far it has been the longest one for me in a single model, I´m not precisely a "Fast Modeler". Maybe some of you had seen some of these pictures since it was displayed at another modelling website early on 2013.

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22 responses

  1. Smartly done, sir...excellent finish work I might add. Great build!

  2. Great build and detail work, and a pristine finish to it. Well done!

  3. Ruben, this looks really nice, I wouldn't be surprised to see this again with the monthly imodeler awards posting. This is some good model building here !

  4. Ruben, beautifully done! I love the idea of the turret on a stand, I've actually seen a full sized one, at a show. The owner would actually make it work, while you watched. It's a Martin, and I work in the museum at their old plant. We don't have one, but a friends Mother drafted the plans for it while she was working there during the War.

    • It started because I didn´t want to enclose the turret assembly between the fuselage while still working on it (a recipe for disaster) so I thought on a ring shaped base to sit it after finishing the model, that took me to make the whole rear compartment and then I didn´t want to place the turret and hide all the detail. I looked for pictures of the turret while on a stand and all the ones I found were different, so I ended designing one that allowed me to show all the details I put on it. I guess you have very interesting things at your museum.

      • Ruben, that we do, and more stuff keeps coming in the door every week. Space is always a problem. if you're ever in the neighborhood, let me know and I'll show you some things. Last week I was identifying some of the many old photos B&W we had. There was a shot of the Barling Bomber, this one off triplane monstrosity from the 1920s, in flight. I knew what it was, which startled the guy I was helping.

        That is great interior work you did there. The turret is a fantastic save! Never saw one done like that! Sincere admiration!

  5. Great looking model Ruben! Man, I just love those WWII "twins", Allied and Axis. I wish I had a display case full of finished ones instead of a shelf full of boxes...:).

    Oh yeah, that would require sitting my butt at the work table instead of the laptop wouldn't it? Lol. I gotta get it in gear...

  6. Beautiful work Ruben,how you displayed the gun placement is a very nice touch,This must be a decent size kit?I enjoyed looking at your pics thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice! Great detail!

  8. Thank you all for leaving a comment here.

  9. I've done several of the old AMT A-20's, same kit, but never any thing close to the detail you've put into this one. Excellent work Ruben.

  10. As cool as ice... Great job! ?

  11. You did yourself proud, Ruben. An EXCEPTIONALLY well-done model.


  12. Your A-20 has turned out very nice ! The details are simply amazing. I have one started in the Group Section "Works in Progress- Aircraft". Yours is inspiring me to get back to work on mine... But I have to finish my F6F Hellcat first.

    Excellent work... I really like the turret display.

  13. My compliments for your fantastic result on this project. I love all the details you've added and showing the turret on the stand is a great idea. I really like the finished colour of your A-20 with the nice weathering. A well used look!

  14. Very nice detail work

  15. Wow, boca abierta aqui...

  16. Hi Ruben.
    Brilliant work, just beautifully built and finished. Can I ask two questions? What did you use for the copper tubing/wiring, and those tyres have the most realistic 'weighted' effect I've seen - where did you get them?
    Wonderful piece of work.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. I have several sections of electrical cables handy at my workbench so I can select different gauge wires depending on the project on desk, sometimes I also use stretched sprue. Now copper is tricky to paint, so lately I roll it over two flat nail files to mar the surface and prime them lightly airbrushing Mr. Surfacer. The tires are from True Details.

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