Vought SB2U-3, "Vindicator", 'VMSB-241', Midway Atoll

This model represents a “” attached to Marine Bombing Squadron Two Forty One, (VMSB-241). It was flown by 2nd Lt. Sumner Whitten, with Sgt. Frank E. Zelnis, as gunner.

After unsuccessfully attacking the Japanese battleship HMIJNS Haruna, "Number Eleven" was set upon by several A6M2 “Zero” fighters. In the following fight, Sgt Zelnis was able to drive off the attacking aircraft by shooting one down and damaging a second. However, this was not before both he and Whitten were wounded. Over one hundred and sixty nine bullets holes were counted in their SB2U.

Model is the 1:48 scale kit.

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  1. Another nice contribution, Freddie...I like 'em all. 🙂

  2. Great work, The Vindicator most of been a tough bird with all those bullet holes.

  3. Nice weathering on this one. Looks well-used...

  4. You seemed to have captured the look rather well Freddie... This one is another beauty...

  5. Nice, really nice Freddie. From what I hear this kit has lots of little fiddly parts. Turned out very well.

    • Thanks Tom.

      Biggest issue I found with the kit was the fit of the windscreen, and the wing root. Otherwise the kit was a decent build. Complicated, but still decent. I have another one and I will build it again, picking another pilot from VMSB-241.

  6. Great job Freddie. As I look at the Vindicator builds I wonder how Vought Aircraft that brought the US it's first 400 mph fighter, could produce an aircraft that looks like it couldn't get out of its own way.

  7. It had the moniker, "Wind Indicator" for a reason. In it's time it wasn't a bad aircraft, I think that the development of All aircraft progressed at such a torrid pace, that it was simply outclassed is a very short time span.

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