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Who can identify this kit ?

June 25, 2017 · in Aviation · · 24 · 2.2K

O.K guys ,everyone likes to be a smarty pants ,a know it all, an expert ,so lets see if anyone can identify this aircraft, I'll give you as much information as I have. A couple of years ago I was at a club day and a guy was there selling the stash of a deceased relative on behalf of his wife,the fella doing the selling was not into the hobby and knew nothing about what he was selling ,by the time I came across his stand all the good stuff was gone and all that was left was mostly rubbish ,however there was a PR which I took a shine to even though I don't usually build anything that small,so I bought the kit and took it home and shelved it.This weekend I finished the P47n I have been working on for ages,(I'll post it soon) and started looking at the stash and my eyes fell on the Fujimi Spitfire , I opened the box and inside wasn't just the Spitfire but this as well ,I took a cursory look at it and decided to bin it, then I took a closer look and decided it might be fun to build a kit of an aircraft I don't recognise with no instructions ,no decals and no information whatsoever.

As you can see the fuselage is moulded in what looks like recycled grey plastic and the wing uppers are moulded in what again looks like recycled blue plastic the rest is in white and there is a clear sprue,the canopy is quite long with a spherical gun turret at the rear ,I guess the aircraft would have had a two or maybe three man crew but there is no interior whatsoever not even a floor so I will have to cobble something together .

I think this kit is Eastern European and very old due to the poor quality of the moulding and the plastic,the aircraft was I think a dive bomber as there are two bombs and the racks but also a rough representation of a window at pilots feet for aiming like a , the wings start off perpendicular from the fuselage and then taper back fairly sharply.

So there we have it can anyone identify this aircraft /kit

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  1. Interesting. I believe you have a Sukoi SU-2. Is it 1/48?

  2. A strange one - white plastic - Revell?
    Curtiss helldiver maybe?

  3. Interesting. I believe you have a Sukhoi SU-2. Soviet 2-man ground attack plane. Is it 1/48?

  4. My bet is a Su-2 and Eastern Express as manufacturer.

  5. Yep, I'm sure it's an SU-2 'Ivanov'. The shape of the wings is a dead giveaway, but I'm damned if I can tell you who made the kit! ICM make a 1/72 but your kit is not a match.
    It'd be an unusual subject to make - would love to see the finished build.

  6. Yep...go to Google - Images - type in SU-2 Ivanov...and there it is (including box art, manufacturers and all the rest). I had no clue, by the way. 🙁

    • Yep.Thank you Kloster, looks like Azure blue underneath to me.

      • Yes you're right its that very special blue found only on ww2 russian birds.
        Its much "deeper" than the light blues and greys found on western planes of that time.Perhaps the russian sky is darker or otherwise someone in the air ministry of Stalin gave a wrong percentage of white to add to the blue and no one dared complain...

  7. I think it maybe a tank in camo,I think I think?

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