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Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Italeri Ju 87 D-5 Stuka 1/48

(link) The instructions have some errors. the SC500 bomb cannot be used despite the instructions showing it is an option - the cradle that holds the bomb in this kit is the incorrect size and the SC500 bomb would sit too far back. The [...]

1/32 Ju87D-8 "Night Stuka", Hasegawa 08171

This is Hasegawa’s Ju87D-8 “Night Stuka”. I tried to replicate the box art which I like very much. The most difficult part of the kit IMO is the canopy. I sanded off the molded on structure and polished it again. Then I tried to add [...]

B-17 F ‘Memphis Belle’ 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group

Hi everybody, I don’t know how to start this article. My first thought was to write: ‘don't yell on the damn intercom!’ (famous sentence from Capt. Bob Morgan), But no Let’s first present my happy new year to you modelers. This [...]

Review: Border Models 1/35 Junkers JU-87 Stuka review

Junkers JU-87B-2 S1+GK Stuka 1/48 Airfix

Hey all. I just wrapped up this build on the JU-87 Stuka flown in Derna, Libya (North Africa) during the summer of 1941. This Airfix kit came together beautifully, with only a few minor hiccups. I would highly recommend it to anyone [...]

1/48 Airfix Stuka Ju-87 Trop

HI Everyone Here is my 1/48 Airfix Stuka (New Tool) - all done and dusted. Quickboost Seats Quickboost Exhaust Qucikboost Prop Gaspatch MG15 ROP Decals - African Stukas Pitot - Brass Tube Painted using Tamiya acrylics. A great kit and with [...]

1/32 Revell Ju-87B Stuka

This was built as part of the Desert Air War group build . There are several great builds going on in that group . There are many interpretations of this particular aircraft. After much looking around the internet and looking at photos of [...]

Review: 1/72 scale Revell “Battle of Britain gift set”

Greetings to all members, This is another unboxing review of the battle of Britain gift set which includes not two not three but four aircraft that were involved in that battle which are the Spitfires, Hawker Hurricane's, Stuka dive [...]

1/48 JU-87R-2 Stuka, Hubert Polz’s desert snake, 6./St.G 2, 1941, Tmimi, Libya

This is my interpretation of Hubert Polz's JU-87R-2 Stuka while stationed at Tmimi, Libya in 1941. There are only a few (4, I believe) photo's of this aircraft, so a lot of the scheme is speculative (even the color of the snake is [...]

1/48 Airfix Ju-87B-1 Stuka Diorama

This is the 1/48 Airfix Junkers JU-87B-1 Stuka. This was a World War II dive bomber use by Germany. The scheme is that of the Staffelkapitan, 4th Staffel, Stukageshwader 77. It represents how it looked in June 1940 in France. I detailed [...]