Blue 9 Fw190A-8

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Fw190A-8, Blue 9 of 12. /JG 5. "Eismeer" Herdla, Norway, 1945. Flown by Karl-Heinz 'Charly' Koch. This aircraft, Werk #350185, crash landed during aerial combat over Sunnfjord, 9 February 1945. (Known as the Black Friday)

Koch did actually crash a second A-8 on April 8 at Herdla. Prior to being stationed in Norway , Koch served at the Channel Front, where his 1st victory was a P47 Thunderbolt (22 September 1943). He also served at the Eastern Front where we claimed both an Yak-9 (27 September 1944) and a IL-2 Sturmovik (9 October 1944). Karl-Heinz Koch died in March 2001.

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  1. Nice-lookin' build, sir...I assume it'll be displayed in the 'in flight' mode, huh? Perhaps you can edit your pics by rotating them through whatever photo-hosting service you're using. I'm gettin' a stiff neck tryin' to see everything. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the paint scheme, though. good work.

  2. Johan, good looking FW. That the Eduard A-8?

  3. Well I see the point of having the model parallel to the ground for reference. But, if you have any flight time your neck is turning and this is a hobby that is very personal and is hands on. Johan, keep up the good work. Like the man cave back round. Looking forward to seeing more builds and photos.

  4. Thanks Johan I enjoyed looking at your build,and thanks for posting a fine build,my first aircraft I built I hand painted and to this day it still looks like I sprayed it,a airbrush just makes life a little easier,but sometimes when you have to clean them,I think a brush wins hands down,got to say my neck is fine I just turned the computer on its side.Cheers.

  5. Hey Johan, really nice FW.

    On the pics, I just posted my first artcile and could not find a way to rotate vertical format pics (yet!). NO matter how I format them in my source file, IModeler always sets them in landscape mode. The easiest way to resolve this is to crop your originals creatively so that whichever sides you want to be top/bottom you make just a bit longer than the verticals. The website will then automatically set them aright.

  6. Great stuff Johan! Always good to see FW190A's! Blue spinner is very distinctive. I can see from the background it is in good company!

  7. Hi Johan. Lovely build of a great subject - I always love a little backstory to projects, look forward to more!

  8. Excellent 190 Johan,

    I like the brush painted mottle too. I am having a go at this in 1/48 scale on another 109 build.

    Great work,

    Cheers Greg

  9. got the pics oriented so I can SEE your work "head-on"...and again, really nice work on that finish, sir.

  10. Real nice 190! welcome to the site.

  11. Good looking 190 there, Johan,thanks for sharing it with us and welcome to iModeler.

  12. Welcome Johan! Nice to see that others aren't afraid to carry on the tradition of brush painting! And you also selected my preferred scale to boot. I think we're gonna be friends...

    Nice 190 by the way.

  13. Nice, Johan! I like your brush painting - you've done well. I'm only 3 years late but I'm new here! Welcome!

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