Grevens Glue Galore 2017

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Yesterday, Saturday, me and four chums from IPMS Stockholm went to the model show in the little place of Borensberg, Sweden. Against the tradition the day was a day of sunshine and perfect temperatures. Most other times it is usually raining and pouring down. The four of us spilled out of the car after about 2,5 hours of driving. Armed with a box of eight models for the competition and a full wallet I stepped in to pay the fee and fill out forms. Although I had not submitted my models on line there were no sad faces, all very welcoming and friendly. The on line service is mainly to make things easier for your self as it takes less time once you are at the show.

The GGG, or Grevens Glue Galore, is mainly a show for car models but an increasing number of aircraft and military vehicles are introduced as the years go by. This competition is very simple and does not require any judges as such. It´s the people present who does the judging by jotting down the two individual models they think are most pleasing in each category. There are only 17 categories so the range of models can vary quite a bit.

It is quite clear the two worlds of car and military models are quite far away from each other but there is also a segment binding them together, the rusty and beat up ones. As usual there are a number of shops present as well as private persons selling off their stock. Depending on what you are looking for you may do very good deals. Myself? Only a T-38 Talon from Trumpeter. I´ll be back a bit later with the result.

After a full day it was finally the prize ceremony and yours truly bagged three new ones for the shelf at home. Thanks to a fairly small number of models to pack we got into the car and went back to Stockholm rather quickly. All in a day.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary, I might see you there then.

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  1. I like very much the Viggen in its challenging splinter camo ...and cars that look un usual

    • Yes, the Viggen is always a favourite. There are masks to get if you don´t want to make your own masking... Most model cars ARE unusual, don´t know if there ever will be a standard car like a Volvo from a main stream kit maker.

  2. The little red three wheeler (is it a Morgan?) is my favorite

  3. So many cars and not all of them American, looks like my kind of show, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Congrats on the "triple header" score, Stellan - well deserved, I'm quite sure, from what I've seen of your past efforts. Thanks for the report. 🙂

  5. Just saw a real Morgan 3-wheeler parked out back of the LHS yesterday.

  6. Ooh, there's a couple of nice mustangs in there. Flying ones...if you look hard enough.

  7. Thanks Stellan love to see these show pics I never see any thing like this in my area,or any one else's model unless online,so its a nice way for me to see what the rest of the model world is up to,thanks for the inspirations.

  8. Love the purple delivery van.

  9. Nice display Stellan.

  10. Very good. Nice to see some automotive subjects at this standard.

  11. Great pictures Stellan! Always loved the Viggen, since when I was a child, and my grandfather brought me a kit back from Sweden, after a visit with his brother. I believe it was a 1/72 Airfix kit.

  12. Thanks for sharing your pictures Stellan. Very nice models on display, and the cars make a nice change form all the camouflage. I've build some cars in 1:24 scale, and like to do so every now and then. I specialy like the Morgan, still got the original kit from Gakken which I believe is in 1:16 scale, in my stash to build.

    • You are welcome, Ferry. Too many models for me to photograph but there is a nice report on the IPMS Stockholm web page, more weird and wonderful things

      • Thank you for the link Stellan. Lots of great models in all fields of modeling. Would be great to visit one of the shows in Sweden, so I might keep an eye open on the calendar for next year.

        • It would be great if you could come up to the fair North next year. The IPMS Stockholm show is usually mid April and is co hosted by the CCM, Capitol City Modelers, a club focused on cars. That show is attracting a few hundred cars, MC and trucks. The GGG will celebrate 20 years in 2018 and will probably attract more than usual. GGG is always held first Saturday after Midsummer meaning 30 June. There are a number of more shows in mid, west and southern parts of Sweden as well if you are interested.

  13. Some great-looking stuff on display, and the note about Viggen masks intrigues me! I've always wanted to do the splinter, but at 1/72 and with a brush it makes the masking effort a real challenge. I'll look around and see if there are masks for 1/72, and if so - keep an eye out!

  14. Some very nice looking models. Love the two rust bucket rods

  15. That Morgan is a beauty!

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