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iModeler about to hit 2000!

July 24, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 19 · 1.6K

I just noticed that our amazing band of brothers is about to hit 2000 strong. Only five more members to go (could we send a model to number 2000?).

Anyway, after noting this, I really just wanted to send out a huge thanks to Martin for starting this crazy train (and the team who make this great community happen), and very best wishes to all my friends out there. Here's to the next 2000!

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  1. Amazing growth of this very successful site Martin, has showcased some of the best work in our hobby. It won't take long to get to 3000.

  2. I agree Jack... Well done Martin and crew !

  3. 2000...!? I didn't realize that until you just pointed it out. Gee...wonder what number I was?

  4. Special prize for that new person if the model is a Mirage 2000?

  5. Great job, Martin! Thanks for allowing me & the others on the site here. And many thanks to the REST of the crew of Martin's helpers who make this site work! Not to mention all y'all who have contributed their talents on display here. I've made some friends here who have helped me get back into modeling after nearly 40 years of inactivity. Tom, Bernie, Louis, Jim S - and others - you know who you are.

    A prize model to member # 2000 is a great idea. A Mirage 2000? Awesome idea, Josh!

    I'm like Craig - I wonder what # I am - no doubt around #1925 or so, since I'm just an FNG around here. (If you don't know, FNG stands for "Funny New Guy." That's right ... that's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

  6. Jeffry, please take this as a compliment. With your sage words of wisdom, humour, and experience, it feels like you've been around for ever my friend.

  7. A great site with awesome comments. Nothing is said that scar a modeller for life. A site where everyone can learn from one another! Thanks Martin for establishing the site! Best site for me !

  8. Hear, hear to all of the above, iModeler is definitely the best site for us modellers.

  9. Kudos and dittos!

  10. Someone joined today, only four more to go, not sure I can take the excitement. Maybe we could all send friend requests for member 2000!

  11. Wow, reaching the threshold somehow escaped me, mostly because internally we are using a slightly different metrics - number of active members (meaning users who not only registered, but also performed at least one interaction at iM. This number is today just a tad below the quoted 1,995). Anyway - 2,000 registered users is a milestone! Even more so because we have put every effort in ensuring that these 2,000 are all real modelers - as opposed to occasional surfers, spammers, robots etc. There's quality behind our numbers.

    We are eager to grow more, so please bring in your friends! 😆

  12. what a cool site, fantastic modellers, great articles. Keep up the good work Martin, keep up the good work. I wish I could build faster, and keep posting.

  13. Ah, Marc. "I wish I could build faster"... the modeler's lament.

  14. The next member is number 2000.

  15. I was wondering last night why I cared about this '2000' issue (I've been a member on other forums and couldn't care a fig how many members they had). I came to the conclusion that it's about belonging, connection, being invested, and community.
    Read through the posts and these qualities shine through.

  16. Well spotted David and well said! - a real milestone - congratulations to Martin and the Team!

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