Academy B-17 Update

December 2, 2018 · in Aviation ·
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Okay so i apologize for the delay in posts. The last few days have been my hectic build days to get this finally taken care of. First off, all the praise I had for the fit of the cockpit went right out the window with the fuselage being put together. The bomb bay was just to big and caused issues without sanding some edges down to fit. Once together, lots of gaps to fill and sand. Unfortunately, I did paint the fuselage before hand so all that work went down the drain. Definitely not perfect but it looks considerably better than what it did. The above pictures are right before i got everything assembled in terms of engines, and some more glass. Overall, the kit is a good looking piece, but a few rookie mistakes made by yours truly made it that much more difficult. The next post will have pictures of the 99% done model, just awaiting decals tonight!

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