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It sure is fun to have the prototype to work with....Mustang!!!

July 16, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 24 · 1.4K

Fooled ya! I'm Back after a too long vacation. Well after saving scheckles and pennies I finally bought the car I was after for many years. It's a 2006 Ford . One owner car with only 49,000 miles on her. It's a V6 but that is what I wanted. I like to take long trips and these get a honest 25MPG on the highway. But enough about that..

The model is the 2008 Bullitt Steve McQueen Mustang. This is the only model available close to the year Mustang I purchased It's the 85-4234 and it is getting hard to find. A great kit to build. I hope you like my adventure in metallic blue.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like,

Oh! I ordered custom California plates for her. It reads... DTWRYBB.

Let's see who is the first to figure this out.

California Steve

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  1. Immaculate, Steve, and congratulations on your purchase, and welcome back by the way. I give up on what your plate means.

  2. Hey George, Great to hear from you. And thanks. Now for the plate, think music. That's all the clue you get.
    California Steve

  3. I like 'em both, Steve...(but I hate riddles - I'll just wait for an answer from somebody else - or you - and then prolly kick myself for not thinkin' 'bout it longer). 🙂

  4. Hello Craig. Thanks for the nice comments.
    Now here is the second clue. You know I'm giving it up with this.
    Beach Boys
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  5. How about "Don't Worry Baby " Steve ? Nice cars ! Both of them. I finally managed to get my hands on a B-5 Blue 2015 Challenger RT Plus with a Hemi... scratch one off the bucket list...

    • The blue finish on your model is amazing ... Thought I was seeing double...
      I like their songs "Little Deuce Coupe" and "Little Old Lady from Pasadena". Both are good ones... for a gear head like me.

      • I thought "Little Old Lady..." was a Jan & Dean song.

        "...but parked in her rickety old garage, was a brand new, shiny red super stock Dodge...".

        • You know what Craig ? You're absolutely correct about the song belonging to Jan and Dean. I just found out that several of the songs that I liked (and originally thought belonged to the Beach Boys) were actually theirs ! These groups sounded so much like each other... I learned something new today. Thanks my friend.

  6. You are the winner Louis! Challenger RT Oh yea what a great car. Thanks for liking. What is it about blue cars? Oh wait I know the answer. Chicks dig Blue cars. Now there is a 67 Corvette here in Glendora CA who's plate reads, PCHANY1. (Pacific Coast Highway Any One) . For those not familiar with California Highway 1 it runs up the coast. I have seen schools of dolphin from the highway. What a sight.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  7. Lovely Mustang, and what a great way to display and photograph it!

    • Thank you very much Greg. I can't tell you how many times I ran out to my car to check trim details.
      It was sure a fun build. I have a 1/32 scale HK B-25 in the stash. Thank goodness for the internet.
      California Steve

  8. Profile Photo
    said on July 17, 2017

    Nice job Steve. Great paintwork.

  9. "Honey I shrunk the car..."
    Very nice.

  10. Thanks David, it was really a enjoyable model to build.
    California Steve

  11. Be sure to keep an eye out for that Blue Stang next time I'm cruising thru Glendora. Or up the El Camino Real. Metallics can be tricky, you did a great on painting this color, well done. Thanks for sharing Steve, and welcome back

    • Why thank you very much Chuck. Now don't forget to stop by Donut Man on Route 66 (Foothill Blvd.) when you pass through. And thanks again it's good to be back.
      California Steve

  12. Nice Mustangs Steve - both of them!
    The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the great drives - am looking forward to doing it again some time soon - have you taken the Mustang on that trip yet?

    • Thank you David. PCH is on the top of the list for sure. A couple of months ago my son and I started at Laguna Beach and hit every beach from there up to Seal Beach Just a great day. Next trip may be from Malibu down to Seal Beach. Just so we can say we hit every beach this summer..
      Thank you for the nice comments.
      California Steve

  13. Sounds like a plan!
    We spent a few days at Laguna Beach many years ago when the girls were teenagers. Their grandparents met us and took them back to NZ for a long vacation - we drove up the PCH to Pacific Grove - one of my favourite trips - even in a Dodge Neon!
    Enjoy the 'Stang.Take Care Dave

  14. Great model and great car, many happy miles!

  15. Hey Ca.Steve glad your back, great little Mustang (both of them !), I really liked it when Ford came out with this design.

  16. Thanks Terry I am glad to be posting again..I just thought about something. I haven't even driven this at night yet. Working some long hours.
    Thanks again
    California Steve

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