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SU-2 ,Scale not sure, maker Idea

July 23, 2017 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

Some of you may remember my request recently for help with this kit,just to quickly recap I bought a PR Spitfire kit (Fujimi) at a club day and found the box also contained this little oddball kit ,it appeared to be moulded from recycled plastic and was minus decals and instructions, the guys here at iModeler were quick to cometo my rescue and identified it as a Sukhoi 2

The kit itself is about as bad as it gets ,every single join required filler ,a couple even needed a plasticard fillet,the rear wings had no locating pegs and were a poor fit so I had to drill and pin, there was no interior whatsoever so I scratch built a floor and added a couple of seats from the spares box and harnesses made from Tamiya tape and also a control panel, I have a decal sheet from Hannants on order and the smaller parts finished ready to add but for now I don't even know what the colours will be.

This is definitely a labour of love and will not likely been seen at a club day any time soon.! I think it is fair to say this is old school modelling.

Cheers guys N.

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14 responses

  1. Considering it's a real hawg you're doing a great job

  2. Exelent job so far... See if this helps... White wash over olive green with light grey underside!

  3. Hi Roberto,I agree with your idea , I think one of the options on the decal sheet I have on order is for a winter whitewash scheme and it looks good.
    Thanks for looking. N.

  4. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out...

  5. Great progress.

  6. I recently bought a kit of this subject in 1/72, made by ICM. I just liked the subject, and ran across it on ebay cheap, so picked it up. I look forward to seeing what you do with this!

    • That's interesting Greg, I don't think mine is the ICM kit ,but not sure , I think mine predates that one it is definitely very old like an ancient Airfix from the early 70's.
      Thanks for looking. N.

  7. I look forward to seeing it completed!

  8. Am loving this mystery build Neil, forgotten orphan kit of unknown parentage, found in a different box, then you pick it up and start to build it - must be fate - the modelling gods working their magic - great work - its looking good

  9. Thanks for your interest Dave,it is fun not really knowing what this will look like when it's done,I see you're in the Harrow IPMS ,I've looked at there website a few times , your in the company of some very accomplished modelers.
    Cheers N.

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