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Eduard Fw-190 A8 1/72 “weapons maintenance”

August 1, 2017 · in Aviation · · 19 Comments

The Fw-190 A8 is a realy nice kit and if you like, you can go further by adding one of Eduards superb brassin parts. I decided to make a maintenance scene in a little hangar (custom made). Let me know what you think about this model.

Kit: Eduard Profipack #70111
Eduard Detailset #72611
Eduard Brassin FW 190A-8 MG131 mount#672084
EagleCals Decals JG 5 Eismeer -EC#9
ZVEZDA German Air Force Ground Crew
Preiser (mechanic with box in his hand)#72508
Amunition from
Ladder from Brengun
Joystick from Quickboost

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

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    said on August 1, 2017

    Again very smart.

  2. OUTSTANDING...! Even more so in this scale. Excellent build (and photography)..beautiful work indeed. And the home made "scene" makes the whole thing even more stunning.

  3. Beautifully posed and presented Andreas!

  4. oh wow ! man the model is beautiful, the pictures are superb , and the dio makes it so lively !

  5. Thank you guys. Always a pleasure for me.

  6. Andreas, this is really nice, its always nice to see 1/72 scale stuff done well, like this is. Well done !

  7. Amazing detail - especially in 1/72 [email protected] Your grass & bacground buildings, equipment, etc. are beautiful. It looks almost like a photo of the real thing. Great job, Andreas!

  8. You've certainly got a different "take" on your modelling scenes, Andreas, very well thought out, executed and photographed.

  9. Beautiful! Very nice to see an "Eismeer" bird. I have built the same Blue 9, but yours is amazing and it's really inspiring to see such excellent work!

    • Thank you Johan, I have build two of them, one Airfix ond one Eduard and a thrid one is on my workbench (blue 13 from Airfix with open engine covers) The last picture shows one of the Airfix planes (blue 8)

  10. Excellent build again! Love to see such detailed and finished 1/72 projects. And your diorama work is really nice - sets off the subjects very well.

  11. Andreas, are you sure this is 1/72? You could have fooled me! Your finish & detailing is superb & the setting looks spot on. I especially like the photo of the Fw line-up. Very clever!

    • Thank you very much for the compliment. The Eduard kits in 1/72 are realy good (as good as the other scales) and when one have the patience and the time, the kit can be transformed in a real jewel. One of my secrets is to use a magnifying glass.

  12. A big thank you @all, happy that u like it!

  13. Incredible work & great photo skills Andreas!
    I just wish all your models had full national markings but I understand all personal opinions about those...
    Keep on with the great work! I can only imagine how good would it look if you have moved to 1/48 scale 🙂

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