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Sopwith T.F.2 Salamander 1/72 Восточный Экспресс


My next Sopwich in unusual camouflage.

Sincerely, Vlad.

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18 responses

  1. Korolev, Well done, on what has to be one of the most "what were they thinking" schemes ever seen.

  2. Congratulations on your choice this is a rare subject

  3. Thank you!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  4. Well done for tackling such an unusual scheme Vlad!

  5. Thank you so much!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  6. What an interesting and beautiful paint job you've done, Vlad! I've never seen that type before - and on an interesting aircraft as well!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Is that a "what-if" or did you have reference photo for that unusual paint scheme?

  8. Very nice! The wood spars and rigging look great for the scale. I like it. And as others have said, a very unusual scheme, which is always a delight.

  9. Vlad, what a colorful WW I fighter! Almost anticamouflage! Shame there isn't one of these in 48th, I'm spoiled, and the old eyes aren't what they used to be. I'll bet this sticks out in the usual WW II collection! Egad!
    Thanks fr the references, also.

  10. Thank you!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  11. Great job! interesting scheme.

  12. Fantastic work, Vlad, it looks a bit like the colour blindness tests that I always fail!

  13. Good job, very interesting and unusual came.

  14. Crazy scheme ! Vlad, looks good.

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