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iModeler Award June

September 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 23 · 1.8K

Dear All,

Back in June I was fortunate enough to win the random award.

A big thank you to Martin, the iModeler team, and the gods of randomness, for smiling on the story of Lt. Wilmer E. Rawie and his F-4 Wildcat. I was very touched and honoured to receive the award.

A few days after receiving the Heinkel, I found myself in hospital unexpectedly undergoing heart surgery. Fortunately the surgery went according to plan, my new scratchbuilt arteries are performing, and I have recovered well.

In the middle of all this our first grandchildren,twins, arrived, so apologies for the delay in posting, but it has been a busy time.

A special thank you to all those iModelers who sent me their good wishes they are very much appreciated.

Finally it was a great comfort to be able to able to check in and to see all the great work going on and be a part of the iModeler community.

Thank you Friends, its good to be back!

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  1. Good choice, Airfix kit and a cluttered bench (as it should be) - what else could one ask...? Congratulations once again and have fun. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, David, both on your prize and on the arrival of your grandchildren, I sincerely hope your recovery from surgery continues.

    • Many thanks George for your kind wishes. In many ways it 's been a difficult time but, we can be thankful that we have been very fortunate at the same time that things have turned out well in the end

  3. David - you're on the prayer list for a thorough recovery and long, good health!

  4. nice to see your doing well! I raise a pint to you sir !

  5. David, congratulations on the award and all the best in future with your ongoing recovery.

  6. Seems like you have a busy time of it David.
    Take it easy and relax with a good kit.
    Congratulations on becoming grand parents (join the club.)
    Hope all goes well on your recovery.

    • Hi Simon, Many thanks for your message, I had hoped to make more progress with one or two long lost projects , but the arrival of the twins has kind of interrupted that ! ( in a good way) However I really can't complain and feel we have been lucky - hope all is well with you.

  7. Couldn't have wished for it to go to a better man. As Robert said, I'll raise a pint to you.

  8. Congratulations David


  9. Congrats for everything David

  10. Congratulations David, well deserved and a nice choice on the Heinkel. I hope your recovery is going well, and think ther must be a rush of new energy now you have become grand parents. Congratulations on that as well!
    btw, allways like a cluttered model workbench, creativity in motion.

    • Thanks Ferry, I am not sure what it is about the chaos of the workbench, every so often it drives me mad and I clean up - but not very often. I just seem to know where stuff is and it helps me work on a number of projects at once - all at different stages!
      Thanks for your kind wishes, and yes the twins are wonderful.

  11. Congratulations, David - for the successful heart surgery AND the new Grandchildren! Best wishes.

  12. Thank you Jeff, hope all is well with you.
    All in all we have had a good month, we have had some scares, and ups and downs, but have been lucky and come out the other side in good shape. No small thanks to the medical staff who looked after three generations of us over the space of a few weeks.
    Thanks to you and all the other iModelers too, the support means a lot.
    Cheers Mate - take care

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