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iModeler random award July 2017

September 2, 2017 · in News · · 27 · 1.8K

Well, the postman arrived with this lovely prize from everyone's favourite modeling community, the sun is shining, the smell of pancakes is wafting from the kitchen, and the teenagers are sleeping in. And it's Saturday.

Thank you to Martin and the team - by all accounts Airfix has found some game recently and I'm looking forward to building the Berta and sharing some thoughts along the way.


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  1. Good luck with the build David! I'll be watching!

  2. Thanks, Michel.
    I've already started hunting for a different or unusual colour scheme. As a keen historian, I'm sure you enjoy the 'research' of a project as much as (or more) than I do!

  3. Well done Dave, I always think German stuff looks good in North Africa campaign colour schemes ,maybe you could check them out.

  4. Congratulations, David! Very nice kit too. The folks at Airfix are turning out some beautiful models, and this one is right up there on the list!

  5. Hi Neil,

    I am completely on your wavelength; there's a specific scheme from a Sicily based Ju 88 I'm desperate to do that'd look amazing on a Stuka (

    I painted a Ju 88 in this about three years ago and it was about the most beautiful scheme I'd ever seen ( if you follow the link above you'll see what I mean). I parted with the 88 after an absurd accident that still gives me shivers.

    I'll do more research, even if there's no evidence a Berta was ever painted in this scheme, it doesn't mean that it didn't happen ?

  6. Very nice choice, David...I'm sure it'll be a top-notch build after seeing your work. Congrats, sir!

  7. Excellent choice David ! This kit is on my list of ones to buy. I've heard great things about it. I'm sure you will do a fine job with it. Please keep us posted my friend.

  8. Hi Louis. My initial impression on opening the box was of quality. I think those of us who love WW2 aircraft are living in a golden age. The range and calibre of subjects are incredible; my building pace has no chance of matching the growth of my stash.

  9. Thank you, Bernard. Appreciate the message and hope you are well.

  10. Said David: "just the choice now of a wheels down or up in flight pose…"

    Congratulations, David!

    I can't find the JU88 you mentioned.

  11. Hey Jeffry, good to hear from you. Try the link below - the 'Hellenic modellers' website seems to be down but the link will take you to a photo of the scheme.

  12. Congratulations David!
    I'm sure a Stuka must have been painted in this scheme - I wouldn't wait for the photo!

  13. Great choice David. Look forward to seeing it. The 88 in that scheme is a cracker.

  14. Thank you David. It's hard to make a Stuka look pretty but 'you have to dance with the girl that brung ya'. Commit to a scheme that makes her special.

  15. Congratulations David, and a great choice. Airfix are producing some wonderful new kits and I'm looking forward to see your work on this one.

  16. Thank you, Ferry. I think it's great to see Airfix rise back to something like their rightful place in this great hobby.

  17. Congratulations David 😉


  18. Hey Eric, thanks for the message. Hope to see some more of your great builds soon.


  19. Well deserved David. Airfix are producing some great models of late.

  20. Hi Julian, and thank you very much. It's great to see Airfix find a real sweet spot. It seemed to start with their huge Mossie, carried on with the Typhoon, and is now trickling down into the smaller scales. I hear their 1/72 Heinkel 111 is a great build. Loved your Corsair, a beautiful build!

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