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Let's do the time warp again,

In 1918, Just after 15 years from first engine powered flight in Kitty hawk, the first full-metal aircraft was on the runway. Hugo Junkers and other engineers were stood watching this silver plated bird about to take off. I can imagine that atmosphere.

Junkers was first all-metal plane for the massive production. I actually don't know well of history part. I'll wait for further information of my well informed fellows.

D.1 was colored with typical German camouflage in purple and green scheme but I thought this NMF will look better with her iconic title. not the exactly same, but D.1's prototype was also in NMF.

Paint is silver spray (cheap and good local industrial lacquer can spray) and acryllic paint is used again for light weathering.

It was my first kit and I'm really content with it's detail. I built it without any other detaling but it already looks nice. Engine is far more for this small scale. and I put effort for brushed it.
the only sad part is the decal. It was hard and crisp and never applicable to plane's corrugated plate. I could scan and reprint with decal sheet but I just put it for tomorrow..

Thanks for watching. -Seob

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  1. Herr Doktor Junkers "Tin Donkey", I'm guessing the first of his corrugated creations, ending in Tante Ju, the JU-52. Including the first all metal airliner, the F-13. I've been thinking that would be a nice theme collection.
    Nice job on it, Roden decals leave something to be desired. Add the challenge of them corrugations... Finding aftermarket crosses might be simple, the lettering, not so sure.
    Good to see a significant aircraft, done well.

  2. Now that's a strange looking bird...I've never seen one before. Nicely done, though.

  3. Nicely done, Hongseob! It's an interesting aircraft, for sure! The F-13 looks like this D.1 in many ways.

    Great job!

  4. Lovely - I especially like the detail on the engine and guns, and the weathering on the NMF corrugated skin really makes it stand out. Well done! I've got the Revell 1/72 G-24 with that same corrugated skin in my stash - I've been dreading the idea of getting decals to settle into the corrugation. I'll experiment with Humbrol's DecalFix among other solutions...

  5. Really nice model. Lots of great detail.

  6. I think Roden also has a J-1 in 48th. Seeing the 72nd, hmmmm. Love them corrugations! Shades of the 30s. Them F-13s really got around, There was a guy named Larsen who license built them in California, as the Junkers-Larsen. I remember seeing a photo of Cecil B. DeMille in one, he had an airline! In one of the early Air Classics, I think.

  7. Very nice build, I like the extra detailing on the engine Hongseob!

  8. Very nice ! great work on a rare bird.

  9. Very nice indeed and you didn't have to rig it! That's a plus!

  10. Very nice, I realy like this one!

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